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Hinesville Police blotter for Oct. 24
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Theft by taking
Wayfair Lane
Oct. 10

An officer was dispatched to Wayfair Lane in reference to a theft. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant who said someone was going into her mailbox. She noted she had already reported one instance. After making the initial report, the complainant left her residence for the weekend and returned to find “another” Block Buster video envelope on the ground near her mailbox. She was given a case number and told to contact authorities if any more DVDs were taken. It was suggested to the complainant it would be a good idea not to receive any more DVDs through the mail until the matter was resolved.

Harassing communication
Todd Street
Oct. 10

An officer was dispatched to Todd Street in reference to harassing phone calls. The complainant said someone had been calling her home and hanging up, twice a day, for the past three weeks. She believed it could have been her grandchildren but she wasn’t sure. She noted she had taken one of her daughters to court about two years ago and things hadn’t been the same with the family since.
She said the caller never says anything, just hangs up after she answers the phone. She was given a case number, Coastal Communication trace request forms and was advised to contact police if the calls continue.

Simple battery
Garden Circle
Oct. 10

An officer responded to Garden Circle in reference to an assault. The complainant reported she was at a neighbor’s house when her youngest daughter came to get her. When she entered her yard, she observed a woman there who walked toward her and said something about the complainant having slept with her boyfriend. The woman punched the complainant and they started fighting. The complainant said she is pregnant and the attack was unprovoked. She said the offender resides at Raintree Apartments.

Disorderly conduct
E. Gen. Stewart Way
Oct. 12

Two officers were attempting to escort a subject out of the football stadium after his involvement in an altercation, and the man started fighting with them. He was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and cited with a court date. He was released on his own accord at the incident location.

Lost property
West Highway 196
Oct. 12

An officer met with a complainant who reported her friend had borrowed her phone. She said her friend was thrown out of a club and the phone disappeared.
The complainant was unable to locate the phone outside of the club, and was unable to provide police with a serial number.

MACE drug task force

Monthly activity report

September 2007
Total cases: 87
Total offenders: 85
Types of crime: possession of marijuana, sale of marijuana, possession of marijuana within 1000 feet of public school, possession with intent to distribute marijuana 1000 feet public housing, possession with intent to distribute marijuana 1000 feet park, manufacturing marijuana, trafficking marijuana, criminal attempt to purchase marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession with intent to distribute cocaine, sale of cocaine, possession controlled substances, sale of schedule IV drug, sale of schedule III drug, possession with intent to distribute hydrocodone, labels on container, possession of firearm during a crime, arrest for other agency, possession of a dangerous drug, use of communication facility, contempt of court, speeding, possession of tools of a crime, stop sign violation, failure to appear, suspended driver’s license, obstruction LEO, possession drug related object, loud music, DUI drugs, probation violation, child support, improper lane change, suspended drivers license, hindering apprehension, no insurance, improper tag, speeding, no proof of insurance, open container, suspended registration, sex offender failure to register, seatbelt required, possession of stun gun.

Street value, total: $72,390

Seized property: $6,709 U.S. currency                $4,660 U.S. currency        $1,579 U.S. currency
    $675.56 U.S. currency    

Total: $13,624.44 U.S. currency

Vehicles: Seven, value $9,100
Property: Value $9,500
Real Estate: one at $217,402
Weapons: Two
GSIN submission: 73
Drugs seized: cocaine rocks, 52 rocks; cocaine powder, 50.8 grams; crack cocaine, 13 grams; marijuana, 14.22 pounds; marijuana plants, 2; neurontin, 49; amoxil, 4; tessaion, 7; xanax, 28; hydrocodone, 127; methandone, 173; aleve, 63; DRO’s, 19.

Cases closed this month, no arrest: 16

Training: Firearms training
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