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Hinesville Police Department blotter April 10
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Harassing communication
Windrow Drive
March 31

The complainant met an officer at HPD and said the suspect called her and informed her that if she notified the immigration office about him he would kill her. He also stated that if he is deported back to Nigeria he would kill her family. She said he told her he is not staying at his residence. She also said she is having problems with him returning money borrowed. She said the threats began when he was refused a green card. She said he is concerned she will notify officials and tell them he paid a woman $3,000 to marry him so he could get a green card.

Criminal attempt - burglary
Idus Lane
April 1

An officer was dispatched in reference to people trying to break into a house. The officer spoke with the complainant who said that the incident occurred next door. She said she was in her bedroom when she heard glass breaking. She looked out and saw three people behind the house. She said it looked as if they noticed her and took off along the tree line toward Deveraux Road. The complainant said the people were wearing dark clothing. Two were wearing d hoodies and one of them had the hood over his head. She said they appeared to be teens. The back bedroom window had been broken. There was glass on the ground below the window and the screen was propped against the house. The screen was bent from possibly being pried off. It appeared no entry was made into the home. The complainant advised the officer the resident is a truck driver and lives alone. The window couldn't be secured and central was unable to locate contact information for the resident. The area behind the home was dark and the officer was unable to find any footprints. Two other officers arrived and were advised. The residence was placed on the house checklist.

Dog leashing required
Vehicle to animal collision
Trevor/Oak streets
April 1

An officer was dispatched to where a dog that was hit by a vehicle. The officer contacted the complainant who said her children were playing with other children at her home. When one of the neighbor children left, the family dog went out with her. The dog ran onto Trevor Street and was hit by a Jeep. The complainant said one of the children saw the dog get hit. The Jeep was parked down the street. The complainant said that neighbor and their friends often speed through the area. The officer told the complainant that the driver would argue the dog should have been on a leash. The complainant agreed. The officer did talk to the driver who said a child ran into the road and she drove around the child. She ran over the dog while going around the child. The driver was not injured and the officer did not see any damage to the Jeep.

Possession of marijuana - less than one ounce
Wayfair Lane
April 2

An officer responded to a disturbance and contacted complainant, who said he came home from work and found his son in the backyard rolling a marijuana cigarette. He said he made his son throw it in the toilet but didn't allow him to flush it. The officer then spoke to the suspect who agreed what his dad said. He said he knew what he did was wrong and that he deserved whatever he gets. The on-call MACE agent was contacted. Three agents responded, photographed the suspected marijuana in the toilet and collected it as evidence. The suspect was taken to HPD where he was booked, processed, cited for possession of marijuana and given a court date. The suspect was unable to post bond and was taken to jail.
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