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Hinesville Police Department blotter April 15
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Suspicious activity
Pineland Avenue
April 8

A complainant went to HPD and told an officer that lately items in her home have been moved from where she last placed them. About three weeks ago, she said someone opened the curtains and she is sure she did not open them. About a week ago, someone took a carton of milk out of the refrigerator and left it on the counter. A few days later, she could not find her cell phone and said she was sure she placed it in her car. About three days after she thought she lost the phone, she was approached by a man who asked her if she had lost her phone. He told her to check her car again. The complainant and her boyfriend searched the car again and found it under a blanket in the back seat. She also said that a car, which she thought was a four-door black Saturn, has been following her. She has seen it parked near her home many times. A week ago, the man who asked her about the phone knocked on her door and wanted to speak with her. When her boyfriend answered the door, the man left. The officer tried to contact the man who questioned the complainant about the phone. When called, he vulgarly expressed that he did not like the police in his business. He said he did not know anything about a missing phone. He refused to give the officer information. The officer said he will try to contact him again.

Simple battery
Oakridge Bend
April 8

An officer was sent to Liberty Regional Medical Center's emergency room to meet with a woman who said she went out the night before and came home later than she should have. Her live-in boyfriend was angry and they argued. The complainant told the officer that at one point, her boyfriend pushed her and she fell against a dresser, hitting her head and cutting her. She said her boyfriend did not mean to push her that hard. She said she saw the fear and concern in his eyes. Her boyfriend got a towel to help her. He then walked outside and she was taken to the emergency room by a friend. The officer noticed dried blood on her hair and dried blood spots on her shirt. The nurse told the officer the complainant the cuts did not require stitches. The complainant said she did not want to press charges. She was issued a crime report number and the phone number to the Tri-County Protective Shelter, and warrant procedures were explained.

Consumption of alcohol by a minor
Violation of open container
Furnishing alcohol to a minor
Highway 84/Gen. Screven Way
April 8

On officer saw a car, which he knew had a suspended registration. He stopped it and during the inventory of the car, two officers found an open bottle of gin on the passenger side floorboard. The passenger was an 18-year-old. One of the officers asked who the gin belonged to and the driver said it was his. An officer conducted a field test of the passenger and it implied the passenger had been drinking. The driver and passenger were taken to HPD. The driver was cited for violation of open container and furnishing alcohol to a minor, and was released on his own recognizance. The passenger was cited for consumption of alcohol by a minor and then released. The car was released to Hinesville Towing Wrecker Services and the bottle of gin was placed into the evidence locker.

Suspicious activity
Floyd Circle
April 9

An officer contacted the complainant who said earlier in the day, an unknown man called her grandmother's phone stating, "You know how many times I'll kill ya?" The complainant played the message from the answering machine. When asked if she recognized the voice or if she knew anyone who would try to scare them, the complainant said she was recently separated from her husband and was filing for divorce. She said in the past her husband has gotten other people to try to scare her and her family. The victim was briefed on further procedures, including getting a temporary protective order.
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