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Hinesville Police Department blotter April 3
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Found contraband
Strickland Road
March 25

An officer was dispatched in reference to suspected marijuana seeds that were found. The officer spoke with the complainant who said she found 11 marijuana seeds in a cigar container in her home. The complainant said she was cleaning house and was in her granddaughter's room when she noticed a yellow cigar container beside a stuffed animal. She knows the cigar container doesn't belong to her granddaughter, but she believes it belongs to her grandson. The officer took of the container and told the complainant the seeds would be turned over to the MACE property locker to be destroyed. The officer was unable to contact the grandson.

Harassing phone calls
W. Oglethorpe Highway
March 25

A complainant at Wal-Mart told an officer he is a loss prevention officer with the store and that an anonymous person called him on his cell phone about a particular person and incident. The complainant went on to say that he received a call where a man said "I heard you set my wife up." The person also said, "I heard you were hiding in the garden section." The complainant said he is unsure who the person is or who the woman he referred to. He said t he prevents lots of shoplifting and apprehends a lot of individuals. He also said his caller ID displays a "restricted" number. He said the person has only called once so far.

Verbal dispute
Sharon Street
March 27

An officer was dispatched in reference to an argument. Upon arrival, the officer spoke to the complainant, who said her ex-boyfriend came to her residence and was banging on her door. She told him through the door to leave the residence, but he kept knocking. The complainant said she opened the door and her ex started cursing her. She told him to leave again, closed the door and called 911. She looked out a side window and saw someone looking in. When she looked back, the person ran off. She said she heard a car start and leave the area. She said she has had problems with her ex in the past and reported the incident to the police. While the officer was still there, the ex called the complainant on her cell phone. The complainant asked if the officer would answer and ask her ex to stop calling. When the officer answered, the ex hung up. When the officer finished talking to the complainant, he was outside, talking to another officer. The complainant came out and said her ex was calling again. The officer and once again, the ex hung up. The officer advised the complainant to turn off her phone and that if there were any messages on her phone in the morning to save them as evidence.

Suspicious activity
Kelly Drive
March 27

A resident approached an officer while he was in the area and told him about two men who have been to her trailer several times. She said several days earlier the men came to her home, knocked on the door and asked for Jose. She told them that no one by that name lived there. A few days later, the same thing happened. Then on March 27 around 9 a.m., someone knocked and her son pulled the door open slightly. One of the men started to pull the door open but the complainant grabbed it and pulled it shut. Through the door, she asked what the person wanted and they again asked if Jose lived there. She again said no. The complainant described the men as: One was 5'6"-5'8" with a medium build. The other was 6', 200 pounds, with dark brown eyes, light brown hair, wearing dark blue pants with a red pocket on the left rear and a dark shirt. The officer told her to call 911 if she sees them again.
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