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Hinesville Police Department blotter Feb. 20
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Strong-arm robbery
Malibu Drive
Feb. 11

An officer was dispatched in reference to robbery by intimidation. The victim said he was inside his garage when he heard a noise inside his home. He said that as he opened the front door, he was hit on his head and fell. The suspect then reached into a pants pocket and stole his house keys and a pack of cigarettes. The officer noticed the victim had a bruise on the right side of his temple. The victim said the suspect was a white man with a mustache who he did not see leave. Another officer contacted HPD detectives. They will follow up on the case. Photos were taken of the suspect's bruises.

Simple battery
Varnedoe Street
Feb. 12

An officer was dispatched in reference to a verbal dispute. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainants. The wife said her husband was leaving and removing all of his belongings, but some of the items also belonged to her. The wife was very emotional because she said her husband has been sleeping around on her and they are both trying to file for divorce. She said that at one point her husband pushed her up against the wall and closed a bedroom door on her foot. The husband said he never intentionally push her. He did say at one point during the argument she tried to prevent him from leaving a bedroom and he could have knocked her against a wall and hit her foot with the door. The investigation showed little evidence that he intentionally injured her. Both the man and wife's supervisors were on the scene and said they were familiar with the situation between the two. They said there was no need to involve the police and they would take care of the situation.  

Criminal trespass
Pointe South Drive
Feb. 12

An officer was dispatched in reference to criminal trespass. The complainant said someone kicked in the back door of an apartment. He said someone had used the bathroom numerous times and did not flush the toilet. He thinks someone was living in the residence but there were household or personal items. The officer noticed a footprint on the back door where it had been kicked and the doorframe was broken. The complainant also said in the apartment next door, someone had cut the front screen on one of the windows.

Theft by taking - TV
W. Oglethorpe Hwy
Feb. 14

An officer spoke with the complainant at HPD. The complainant said someone stole his TV out of the home of one of his wife's friends. The complainant had been in Iraq. He said he found out four days earlier the TV was stolen when his wife contacted the friend after trying to contact her for two weeks. The complainant's wife advised the complainant that her friend did not report the crime, nor will she come forward to speak with the authorities because of outstanding warrants against her. The complainant said he spoke with the friend and she said the thief entered her residence through a rear window. The complainant took the officer to the residence, which appeared to be abandoned. The rear bedroom window was broken and most of the glass was outside on the ground as if broken from the inside. The complainant did know when the alleged theft took place, but said his wife's friend had wanted her to report the TV stolen so the friend could keep the TV and the complainant's wife could get a new one. But the complainant said the friend told him she knew who had the TV and would need time to get it back.
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