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Hinesville Police Department blotter Feb. 28
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Simple assault
Road rage
W. Oglethorpe Highway
Feb. 23

An officer responded to the Kroger parking lot in reference to a report of a simple assault and road rage. The officer spoke with the complainant. He stated he was driving east on Oglethorpe and about to turn into the center turn lane to make a left turn into the Kroger parking lot. He said that's when a light blue Oldsmobile cut in front of him, almost causing a collision.
The complainant said he then leaned out of the window and yelled at the other driver.
He said that the other man came to his driver's side window and began shouting. The complainant said he told the man he was going to call the police and the man said, "Go ahead and call the cops. Here, use my phone." The complainant then said the man said, "I'm gonna slap you." According to the complainant, the man then got back in his vehicle and drove off, heading east.  

Harassing phone calls
Barley Drive
Feb. 23

The complainant told the responding officer she received five calls between 1:55 and 2:08 a.m. On the first she heard only background noise. The next three calls were answered by her voice mail and the caller hung up. The last call was also answered by her voice mail but the caller left a message that was slurred and hard to understand. It sounded like the caller was intoxicated and calling from a drive-through of a restaurant. The complainant believed he just had the wrong number and had not received any other phone calls since 2:08 a.m. She was told that if she received another call, to call 9-1-1 to report it.

Simple battery
Arrest other agency
Tupelo Trail
Feb. 24

An officer responded to Shuman Recreation Center to talk with the complainant, who said two men had an argument the gym. He told them to leave and they began to fight. 9-1-1 was contacted. The complainant said he did not want to have the subjects charged or banned them from the property. The officer talked with both subjects, one who had a cut on his lip. He said he was playing basketball with the other man, when he was struck in the mouth accidentally by the other's elbow. He said they were not fighting. Liberty Regional EMS was called and took him to Winn Army Hospital for treatment. The other man said they were playing basketball and it got out of hand. He also said they had not been fighting.
The officer, however, saw blood smears on one man's knuckles. The officer ran both subjects through GCIC and one was reported to have a warrant dated Jan. 28 for probation of violation-possession of marijuana out of Truetlen County. That man was taken to HPD, where he was fingerprinted, photographed and booked, and then taken to Liberty County Regional Jail.

Terroristic threats/intimidation
Ashton Drive
Feb. 24

An officer talked to a complainant at HPD. The complainant said his ex-girlfriend had been sending him threatening text messages, including "you are dead" three times per text. He also said she had sent eight text messages from 9:29-9:41 p.m. He also said she told him she could get someone to kill him. The complainant believes the ex-girlfriend is serious. After the fourth text message, the complainant sent the ex-girlfriend a text message, asking her if she was serious. She responded with the same "you are dead" message. The complainant then sent a message asking her not to text him anymore. After that text, she sent him three more.
The complainant showed the officer his phone and he had eight messages from the ex-girlfriend. While talking to the officer, the ex-girlfriend sent another message, at 10:04 p.m. It read "just want to say good bye for good this time." The complainant said he took this as another threat. There was no current address available for the ex-girlfriend. After some checking, the officer discovered the ex-girlfriend used to live with the complainant but he does not know her current address. The officer told the complainant how to get a warrant.
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