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Hinesville Police Department blotter Feb. 6
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Reckless conduct
E. General Screven Way
Jan. 27

An officer met a complainant at the station who said that he went through a fast food restaurant's drive-through and ordered a chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shake, but changed his mind as he was about to get receive his drink. He wanted a banana shake instead. He said employees appeared to be upset at the change but complied. The complainant said as he drank the shake he noticed paper trash at the bottom of his cup. He said after he consumed the drink he felt lightheaded. The complainant said he went to the health department the next day was advised to contact police. The complainant said he was then contacted by his granddaughter/witness who said she had friends that worked at the restaurant and had overheard an unknown subject saying "we got the right one this time." The complainant assumed that the information was in reference to his drink. The complainant said his granddaughter didn't have all the particulars at the time of the report. The complainant said he would bring her to HPD to make a statement. The cup with trash was placed into evidence.

Suspicious act
Kelly Drive
Jan. 28

Two officers were sent to Kelly Drive when a complainant reported someone trying to gain entry to the residence. Upon arrival, the officers checked the residence and found it secure. Then the officers talked to the complainant who said he saw two white men and two black men trying to crawl up to the residence on their stomachs, carrying rifles. After advising the complainant that there were no signs of criminal activity, he got upset and said the suspects must have run off when the police arrived.
The officers left, but were sent back three more times in less than two hours. Each call was similar in nature with the complainant advising that the four suspects were trying to get into his home. However, each time the officers would arrive no one was there.
One of the officers told the other he was familiar with the complainant's health conditions and the medications he is on. The officer was able to contact the complainant's father. The officer advised the father and the father said he would go to the complainant's residence to take care of him and notify his doctor. Once the father arrived, the complainant was released to his father.

Simple battery
Pipkin Road
Jan. 30

On Jan. 31, an officer met a walk-in complainant concerning simple battery. The complainant said that on Jan. 30, a friend came to her house and said there were people outside who wanted to say hi. When she went out she greeted everyone and one of the people approached her. The suspect slugged her on the right cheek. The complainant backed off and did not hit the suspect back because the suspect is pregnant. The complainant refused to fight so everyone got back in their vehicles and left. The complainant used to date the father of the suspect's child and she believes that's why she hit her.

Burglary - forced entry - non-residence
Deveraux Road
Jan. 30

While patrolling Deveraux Road near Woodridge Rentals, an officer discovered the door of a storage unit was halfway open and several items, which appeared to have come from the storage unit, were scattered on the ground. Upon inspection, the officer saw the lock had been pried open, causing two bolts to tear from the sheet metal door. The officer requested dispatch to contact the key holder for Woodridge Rentals, but the key holder could not be reached. The officer was not able to determine the lessee of the unit nor if any property had been stolen. The officer contacted another officer, briefed him and informed him that he did not see any obtainable evidence. The officer was to ask the next shift to follow up and obtain the name of the lessee to determine if any property was stolen.
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