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Hinesville Police Department blotter for Sept. 30
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Simple battery
S. Main Street, Sept. 22

An officer was dispatched to E.G. Miles Parkway in reference to a simply battery.
When the officer arrived, he spoke with the complainant who said she had been in an argument with her husband and he punched her in the side of the head. When the officer observed her head, he noticed a large lump where she said she had been hit. The officer asked her where her husband was and she said he was at their residence, along with her two children. The officer asked her if he had been drinking and she said they both had. She wanted an escort to her home so she could get her children and return to the hospital. She also wanted to press charges against her husband for hitting her. Two officers took the complainant home from the emergency room, and spoke with the offender. The woman’s husband said there had been an argument, he lost his temper and punched the complainant in the head. The officer asked him if she had struck him and he said no.
A witness told the officers the complainant started the argument and, as it went on, the husband dropped a laundry basket on her head. She then attempted to kick him but did not make contact. The verbal argument then went on for a few more minutes and the offender grabbed the complainant by the hair and hit her in the head two times with his right hand. One of the officers transported the complainant and her children back to the emergency room and the other officer placed the husband under arrest for simple battery. He was transported to the police station and then the county jail. During transport, the husband told an officer his wife had kicked him when she thought he was throwing a laundry basket at her.

Failure to stop for an accident
Taylor Road, Sept. 22

While patrolling Taylor Road, an officer noticed a vehicle in the grass.
Upon further investigation, the officer noticed the two front tires were flat and there was a crack in the front passenger side of the bumper. There was also a scuffmark over the crack and an impact mark on the tree two inches in front of the car. The doors were both locked and there did not seem to be any personal items left in the vehicle. The officer was not able to obtain any information about the driver and there was no driver present. The vehicle was towed.

Lost or stolen property
E. Oglethorpe Highway,
Sept. 23

An officer was dispatched to Dairy Queen in reference to a lost or stolen diaper bag. When the officer arrived, he spoke with the complainant who said she had placed her blue Eddie Bauer diaper bag on the back of her car in the parking lot of Dairy Queen and drove to Wal-Mart. She realized she had left the bag on the trunk and went back to the Dairy Queen but was unable to find the bag. She said the bag contained various baby items as well as her driver’s license, military ID card, Social Security card, her two children’s Social Security cards, her wallet with $76, two credit/debit cards and her checkbook.

Terroristic threats
Arlington Drive, Sept. 23

An officer was dispatched to Arlington Drive in reference to terroristic threats made via the Internet. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated she and her granddaughter had received more threats over the Internet. The two complainants provided the officer with 16 copies of the email messages they received. The messages were dated from Sept. 21-23. Several of the messages included threats against the complainants in the statements of “I will kill you myself” or “I might have someone else kill you.” There were also references to doing damage to the complainants’ residence. All of the messages appeared to have come from the suspect except for one, which appeared to have come from the mother of the suspect. The originating address of the first 15 messages came from one address, while the last message originated from another address.

Found property - gun
S. Main Ext., Sept. 25

An officer was dispatched to the police station to speak with a complainant who found a gun. The complainant said he was working and noticed a two-shot Derringer (.22 caliber) in the ditch on South Main Extension in the area of Country Side trailer park. The weapon was checked through GCIC/NCIC but no record was found. The weapon and cartridge were placed in the evidence locker.
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