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HPD blotter for Dec. 20
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Nov. 20, Criminal trespass, 215 Pointe South Drive
A Pointe South Drive woman told police she went to check her mail and noticed fur around her mailbox door. When she opened the mailbox she found a dead orange and white cat stuffed into the mailbox. The woman, a social worker, told police she thought the incident could be related to her job.
Her neighbor reported to police that an unknown woman came to his home the day before asking where the victim lived. The unknown woman was heavyset and drove a gray car, the neighbor stated.

Battery, cruelty toward child (third degree), 738 E. Oglethorpe Highway
A woman told police her husband and daughter got into a verbal argument while the family was staying at a local hotel. The woman said her husband told her she and her daughter could go live with the daughter’s natural father. The woman told her husband she and her daughter were not going anywhere.
The husband then grabbed his wife who pushed him away. The fight escalated, according to police. The husband punched the woman with a closed fist and slapped her with an open hand. The woman grabbed a frying pan to keep her husband away after he tried to pin her to the bed. The woman told police she tried to call for help but said her husband pulled the phone from the jack.
She reported all three of her children witnessed the fight. Police reported the woman had bruises on her forehead, left cheek, around her eye and a cut above her lip. The husband was arrested and placed in handcuffs.

Nov. 21
Harassing communication, 650 S. Main St.

A South Main Street woman reported her ex-boyfriend texted a message to her phone threatening the welfare of her two children. The woman told police she had previously argued with the ex-boyfriend over his watching the child they had together. When he refused to watch the child, the woman made other arrangements and told him he would not be allowed to see the child.
She told police she previously had a protective order in place because the ex-boyfriend had threatened her children before.

Nov. 22
Robbery. 300 Brantley Drive

A wheelchair-bound man told police a woman walked into his apartment, using a key to unlock the door, and took $250 from his front right pocket. The man said he tried to push the woman away but failed. She took the money and ran, he told police. After further questioning, the man said he did not immediately call police because he “was busy,” and said he did not observe the woman remove money from his pocket. He also said the woman just entered his home without knocking, according to the police report.

Suspicious acts, 641 Caines Road
A Caines Road woman told police she suspects her stepfather tried to poison her. The woman said she has lived with her stepfather since her mother died two years ago. The woman reported her stepfather buys her cigarettes and beer and generally supports her.
She said he has asked her to marry him. The woman told police she doesn’t work due to health problems and has had drug problems in the past. She said her stepfather provided her with cocaine in the past, according to the police report. The woman told police her cigarettes and beer “have been tasting funny lately.” She provided the police with samples of the alleged poisoned beer. One sample had been poured into a Mountain Dew bottle. The woman said her hair had begun to fall out and she was fatigued, according to the report.
Police suggested she make a doctor’s appointment and have a toxicology test run on her blood. Police told her if any toxins come back on the chemical test other than the medications she is currently taking, she should contact 911 for a follow-up report. The woman was also advised she might want to consider moving out of her stepfather’s house, according to the police report.

Vicious animal, leash law violation. 796 Wildwood Drive
An animal shelter employee told police he was attacked by a boxer mix and a mini pinscher when he attempted to take custody of the dogs, which were running loose and chasing people.
The pinscher grabbed his leg and the boxer mix bit down on the arm of his jacket, he reported. The employee was not hurt and was able to get the dogs under control. He told police the dogs were placed at the shelter and the couple who owned the dogs was contacted.
When the wife arrived, she and the shelter employee got into an argument. After the police officer arrived on scene, the wife was informed she would be cited for vicious animal and leash law violations. She told police she was upset because the shelter employee told her he hit the boxer in the face to force the dog to release him. The wife also said the employee was rude.
The husband arrived and was informed of the citations. He told police he understood and would come to court on the assigned date. The couple left with their dogs, according to the police report.

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