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HPD blotter for March 18
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Suspicious activity
March 9
Martin Luther King Jr. Drive

A woman called the police when she noticed a man standing next to a building with his pants down. When the officer arrived he noticed the man (who had moved since the call) had fecal matter on his pants. The man told the officer he was not homeless but often roamed the streets because he got lost. The officer said the man was calm but was obviously mentally impaired. After trying for a long time to get the man help from agencies or relatives, his sister was eventually reached and came to get him.

Possession of marijuana/resisting officer
March 10
E.G. Miles Parkway

An officer pulled over a sedan that he believed to be in violation of window tinting regulations, but got a lot more then he asked for. Upon pulling over the car, the woman got out and walked to the trunk. The officer repeatedly told her to get back in the car and shut the door. She said she didn’t have to. When the officer tried to put her under arrest for the tint violation, she said he couldn’t do that and sat in the driver’s seat clinging to the steering wheel. The officer tried to pull her out of the car and the woman began kicking him. After another officer arrived, the two of them still couldn’t pull her out, the original officer sprayed the woman in the face with O.C. spray. The woman released her grip and was cuffed. One officer had to hold her down on the curb while the other ran her license and searched her car. One officer found a marijuana cigarette and more marijuana on the floorboard.

March 12
West Oglethorpe Highway

After a man stole a box of doughnuts and two Slim Jims by faking payment through the self-checkout at Kroger, an officer detained the man who was eating the items on a bench by a nearby business. One of the Slim Jims was recovered but the other items were already opened. The manager of Kroger decided not to press charges.

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