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HPD blotter for Oct. 31
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Expired registration,
Possession of suspected
Highway 196 and Appie Road
Oct. 16

While on patrol in the area of Deal Street, an officer observed a vehicle showing an August 2007 expiration date and conducted a traffic stop. The driver said the passenger owned the vehicle. The officer asked if there were any weapons, open containers or narcotics in the vehicle, and both denied having any. The officer then asked if they would consent to a search of the car and its contents and they both agreed. The officer had them step next to his vehicle and he began searching. The officer located found a gallon-sized plastic bag that contained four mushrooms and two pills that had “adderall” written on them. The officer asked them what the mushrooms were for and the owner of the car said “We were going to bake them.” The officer then asked “to use them for narcotics?” The owner of the car said yes. Another officer arrived on the scene and the two suspects were searched for other narcotics. None were found. MACE drug task force was notified and the mushrooms and pills were seized.

Theft by taking
Bradwell Street, Oct. 18

An officer was dispatched to Bradwell Street in reference to stolen clothing. A complainant told the officer she had been in the laundry room at her apartment complex washing her clothes. She put them in the dryer and took a few items into her apartment to hang them up. When she returned, the clothing in the dryer, clothing belonging to children and adults, and large bath towels were missing. She waited about 30 minutes to see if someone had taken them by accident and would return them. When the clothing was not returned, she notified authorities.

Simple battery
Willowbrook Drive, Oct. 23

An officer was dispatched to Willowbrook Drive in reference to a domestic dispute. The complainant said her daughter’s boyfriend had been drinking and punched a hole in a wall of her daughter’s residence. The pair was reportedly fighting over him being at a woman’s house earlier. They got into a shoving match and then the daughter hit her boyfriend in the head with her fist. He said he got angry and punched a hole in the bedroom wall. He also said he was hit in the face so he grabbed her to restrain her. The daughter said all the events reported were true.

Pineland Avenue, Oct. 23

An officer was dispatched to Pineland Avenue in reference to prowling.
The complainant reported she was washing clothes she noticed what appeared to be a flash light shine in her kitchen window. Once she saw the light a second time, she went into the kitchen and turned on the back porch light. While she was looking outside, she saw two black males run out of her back porch area toward the back of the apartment complex. She described the subjects as wearing black baggy shirts and dark baggy jeans. She was unable to see the faces of the two suspects, but believed they were juveniles. The officer checked the surrounding area for criminal activity but was unable to find anything suspicious.

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