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HPD blotter Sept. 9
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Hit and Run
Brantley Dr., Sept. 3

On Sept. 4, an officer responded to Brantley Drive in reference to a vehicle hit and run to a building. The complainant told the officer he heard a loud noise outside his residence on Sept. 3 at about 7:30 p.m. He said went outside and saw a blue Chevrolet Cobalt with two men with dreadlocks driving out of his yard. He checked the area and found that the vehicle had struck a wooden stairs, damaging them and the mobile home. The complainant said the vehicle had large rims and tires and a Bradwell Institute sticker on the passenger side, rear bumper. The damage to the vehicle will be slight on the front passenger side bumper. Investigation continues.

Loud music/party
Ketch Court, Aug. 31

On Aug. 31, an officer was dispatched to the area of Spanish Oak Drive and Ketch Court in reference to an anonymous complaint of a loud party. Upon arrival, the officer saw what appeared to be a social gathering at a home. The officer advised the residents of the complaint. The residents said they had recently moved into the residence and several of their friends had dropped by to visit. The officer saw several beer cans, some of which were unopened. The officer did not see any activity indicating consumption by guests. Based on the fact that alcohol was possibly involved and several guests were underage, the residents were told to stop the party. The visitors left without further incident. The unidentified complainant, who contacted the officers, was informed that the situation had been rectified.

Harassing communication
Westchester Lane, Sept. 3

On Sept. 3, an officer was dispatched in reference to harassing phone calls. The complainant told the officer she had received two harassing calls. She received the calls on Sept. 3. In the first, the caller was a man who told her, “whatever you did, me, Sect King, and the crip girls are coming to get you.” In the second, the same voice told her they were coming to get her. The complainant said she has a small child at her residence and was afraid someone might hurt her and her family.

Simple battery
Ashton Drive, Aug. 30

An officer responded to the Liberty Regional Hospital for a report from staff of an assault victim in the emergency room.
The victim declined to make a report of the incident. She reported to the hospital staff that she fell on a ladder, injuring her right arm. She did tell the officer her boyfriend pushed her, causing her to fall and hit her arm on the ladder. She did not wish to provide any further information other than her boyfriend was not injured during the dispute.
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