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HPD hopes to close down burglary ring
More than 40 homes, businesses hit in April
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Search warrants were served last week and Hinesville Police hope to start making arrests for a string of more than 40 residential and business burglaries in April.
And the tally could go higher as five more businesses were hit Wednesday and three more homes were burglarized since April 19.
HPD head of detectives Maj. Thomas Cribbs said those could add to the string, but he had not completed reviews of reports to see if they were related.
"I can't elaborate on it, but we are working on getting these issues resolved," Cribbs said.
In the most recent reports, officers were kept busy Wednesday morning starting at 3:27 a.m. when Officer Eric Zink reported he found the front door of the state Farm Insurance office on Ryon Avenue had been forced open. The report says up to $650 was missing from the office. At 4:25 a.m. Officer Terry Mays was dispatched to the Farmer's Furniture on Oglethorpe Highway to investigate a motion alarm that was activated. Twenty minutes later, Officer Thomas Ovitt discovered the front glass door at Gibson's Furniture, also on Oglethorpe, shattered.
Two hours later officer George Fernando was patrolling his beat and reported he found the front door of Accepted Insurance on E.G. Miles Parkway shattered. As they searched the office, officers reported the phones all taken off the hooks and trash thrown on the floor.
To finish the morning, Fernando was dispatched around 8:30 a.m. to the Citi Financial Office on Gen. Screven Way. An employee reported she arrived to work and noticed the front door appeared open as she walked toward it. When she realized the door was open, she called police before entering. Reportedly, $100 was taken from a petty cash drawer.
On April 18, a different State Farm office, this one on Oglethorpe, was reportedly hit for $510. An employee called police as work began for the day to report that the office was in disarray and a window broken.
Three days later officers were investigating a break-in at a building used to store inventory for Full Amor Accessories, an auto accessory store in Hinesville. Officers found someone had ripped a security latch off and forced the rear door open. The manager reported inventory worth more than $1,400 was missing.
The residential burglaries being reported indicate nothing is immune from the grasp of these thieves as computers, clothing, jewelry, MP3 players, Sony Play Stations and even a stove and refrigerator are among the items missing.
Cribbs said that same Wednesday morning several officers from HPD and other agencies swarmed the Zouck's Mobile Home Park in Hinesville armed with search warrants.
He said one man was temporarily detained and later arrested for drug related charges during the search.
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