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Law practices using Tasers
Ouch! LCSD Deputy Jimmy Middleton allows himself to be Tased to demonstrate the safety of the weapon. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
LUDOWICI — Long County law officers had some shocking training Wednesday.
The Ludowici Police and the Long County Sheriff’s departments had a Taser training class from 1-5 p.m. at the Ludowici City Hall.
Instructor LPD Investigator Richard Robertson said, “This class was a re-certification class for officers. To maintain your certification you have to have a four hour class every year.”
According to Robertson, the initial certification class is eight hours.
The investigator said that Tasers are used to temporarily incapacitate a combative criminal or suspect.
“Tasers are 95 percent effective in causing an electronic muscular incapacitation,” Robertson said.
He said all officers at the LPD are certified to use Tasers, and LCSD Deputy Jimmy Middleton said the same of the sheriff’s department.
“Tasers work really well, they put out a five second burst and that usually is enough to stop someone who is resisting arrest or being combative,” Middleton said.
LPD Sgt. Sal Genualdi agreed with Middleton, but said he did have to shock one suspect, who was on drugs, three times before he cooperated with officers.
Robertson said even though the Tasers emit a shock, that they put out less current than a Christmas tree bulb, which emits 1 amp.
Information on the Tasers used in the class said Tasers emitted 50,000 volts, but less than 0.0036 amps.  The way that they work is that the volt signals a mechanism in the body, which temporarily over-stimulates human nerves and temporarily incapacitates the person.
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