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LCSD blotter for Oct. 31
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Cruelty to animals
Howard Hill Road, Oct. 20

An officer was dispatched to Howard Hill Road in reference to a cruelty to animal. The complainant reported she was walking around outside with her dogs when the offender said he was tired of the dogs barking and he was going to show her something. She said he went inside his mother’s house next door and came back outside with a rifle and shot one of the dogs. The complainant said the dog was in the suspect’s mother’s yard and was not on a leash. The complainant said when the dog got shot it ran under the house.

Disorderly conduct
Kelly Drive, Oct. 20

An officer was dispatched to Kelly Drive in reference to a disturbance. Upon arrival, the officer heard shouting from inside one of the homes. The officer opened the door and saw the suspect and the suspect’s mother shouting at each other. The officer informed both of them to stop shouting and explain what was going on. The suspect’s mother tried to tell the officer what was happening but the suspect kept interrupting her. The suspect was asked several times to keep his voice down and stop using profanity. The suspect refused to do so. The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to the Liberty County jail. The suspect’s mother said they were arguing and the suspect would not obey her. She said they never got physical.

Simply battery
Bacontown Road, Oct. 20

A complainant reported she went to pick up her kids from a Bacontown Road location and asked her niece why she just dropped her son off at the house. She said her niece then struck her on the head. Her niece said she had been keeping the complainant’s son all day, and decided to take him home. The niece also said the complainant got in her face, and she struck her on the head and told her to move.

Traffic incident
Roadway, Oct. 23

The complainant reported a vehicle hit her son at a school bus stop a couple of days earlier. Her son said he was standing on the edge of the roadway waiting on the school bus when the offender started coming at him. He tried to get out of the way but the mirror hit him in the back. He said the offender does that all the time. The complainant said she tried to talk to the offender but could not locate her. The complainant’s daughter said he was in the road and the offender does not slow down when she comes by, but she didn’t believe the offender tried to hit him. The complainant said she was going to monitor the kids at the bus stop and observe the offender’s driving to see if she is trying to hit them.

DFCS referral
Mobile Home, Oct. 25

A complainant told a deputy she let her daughter ride to the school with the offender. She later received a call from the cheerleading coach who said the offender and a male passenger were seen drinking beer and appeared to be intoxicated. The complainant spoke to her daughter who said the offender and her male friend were drinking beer on the way home, and the vehicle ran off the road and hit a mailbox. She then let her friend drive. The officer also spoke with the suspect’s husband who said he received a call from the assistant cheerleading coach. She told him the offender showed up at the school to pick up their daughter and was intoxicated and drinking. She was worried about their daughter and wanted him to check on her. The officer also spoke with the offender who said she had not been drinking and did not hit a mailbox. She noted the damage to the vehicle happened a while back. When asked who was driving, the suspect said she would rather not say.

Criminal trespass
Owens Drive, Oct. 25

A complainant said he parked his car in his yard and the next morning saw his ex-wife leaving the area. He later noticed his car had four flat tires and scratches all over it. He said he believes his ex-wife did it because she was upset he had a girlfriend. The officer spoke with the ex-wife and she said she did not have anything to do with it.

Matter of record
Trailer, Oct. 26

An officer responded to a report of a battery. The complainant reported a subject struck her brother in the head with a metal object. The officer observed the victim with a gash on his forehead. The victim advised he was familiar with the offender and did not wish to file a report. He also denied emergency medical services. The complainant told the officer they all had been outside in front of the residence drinking alcoholic beverages. The offender and the victim got into a verbal altercation that turned physical and that’s when the suspect struck the victim in the head with the metal object. The suspect then fled the scene.

Aggravated assault
Live Oak, Oct. 27

An officer was dispatched to Live Oak in reference to a fight that involved a gun. The officer made contact with the subjects involved. While attempting to gather information, the complainant said the offender went to his bedroom after an altercation between the two of them. He then returned with a black pistol, pulled the slide back to load the barrel, pointed it at her head and said he would kill her. The complainant had been drinking and was very loud and boisterous. The officer attempted to calm her but she went after the offender and tried to grab him. Refusing to comply with the deputy’s commands, she was arrested to prevent any further altercations. While placing her in the patrol unit, another deputy spoke to the about the firearm. The offender gave the officer consent to search for the firearm, and then fled from the scene a short time later. A pistol was located in the grill outside the back door of the residence. Next to the gun was a large bag of marijuana and a box of sandwich baggies. The firearm is a high point, semi-auto pistol with the serial number removed. The firearm was loaded. A witness said the offender did point the gun at the complainant’s head. A MACE drug task force agent and detective was notified and responded to the scene. The contraband was taken into evidence. Warrants were to be obtained for the offender and the complainant was taken to jail and issued a citation for disorderly conduct.

Found property
Mobile home, Oct. 28

The complainant reported her son entered her home with a pistol. A verbal dispute occurred between them because she doesn’t allow firearms in her house. The offender refused to leave so the complainant called 9-1-1. The deputy spoke with the offender who denied owning a gun. The deputy later found a RG .22 caliber pistol partially hidden under a child’s basketball goal in the complainant’s yard. The complainant asked the officer remove the gun from her property. The firearm was turned over to a detective.
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