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LCSO blotter
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Sept. 10: Accidental damage to property — A Hall Street woman said she accidentally backed into a truck as she was leaving for work. She said she left her name and contact information on the truck so the owner could find her. The woman said the truck owner later called and yelled and cussed at her. She told him she was at work and asked him to call her back later. Then the truck owner’s daughter reportedly called back and yelled and cussed at the woman. The woman said the truck owner called back again and said she should just give him $500 and not worry about filing an accident report. The woman said that did not seem right to her, and she wanted to make a report and file a claim with her insurance.

Harassing phone calls — A Midway man said his cousin had been calling and harassing him after he had an argument with his aunt. The man said his cousin called four times in a row, called him a foul name and threatened to beat and kill him.

Sept. 11: Suspicious activities — A Beulah Road woman complained that a tall man wearing black pants, a black T-shirt and black boots with a shaved head and tattoos on his neck and both arms had been standing in the corner of her yard looking and her house and the neighbor’s yard. The woman said she had seen the same man wearing the same outfit doing the same thing at least three other times in the past 30 days. A deputy advised her of preventative measures.

Sept. 12: Impeding free flow of traffic — A deputy said he saw a green Pontiac Grand Prix driving in an aggravating way. The driver was in the fast lane blocking traffic by deliberately keeping pace with the car in the right lane. The driver periodically slammed on her breaks, seemingly just to be annoying, according to the deputy. After observing the driver for a few tenths of a mile, the deputy pulled the car over. The driver was unable to produce a driver’s license, but gave the deputy a military dependent ID card. However, the deputy got a “driver not found” message after running the woman’s name and date of birth. She was arrested for having no license and taken to the jail for fingerprinting. The Pontiac was impounded.

Sept. 15: Simple battery — A woman went to the county jail to file a report after she reportedly was accosted at a party. The woman said she went to a club on Shell Road in Riceboro because she’d been invited to a party by her father. When she went to hug and kiss her father, the woman’s older sister reportedly pushed and struck her in the back of a head with a cane. A witness said she saw the whole incident.

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