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LCSO blotter
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April 11: A family was not hurt when their vehicle went up in flames on I-95. The driver reported she was driving to Florida when she started to smell smoke coming from her van. She pulled over and saw smoke coming from the engine and immediately got her family out. She said the van went up in flames minutes later.

A woman, reportedly upset that her boyfriend was not doing his laundry properly, allegedly waved a knife over his head in a threatening manner. The boyfriend said he feared he would be injured. The woman said she did complain and argue with her boyfriend but she did not threaten him with the knife. She said she used the knife to open the back of her cell phone.

April 21
Faulty brakes and lots of friction may be why a piece of logging equipment burst into flames on the east end of the county. The logging company employee reported towing a piece of  machinery to a work site when the trailer and machinery started burning. He said the brakes might have locked up and heated up.

April 22

A rowdy party turned into a brawl, sending one man to a hospital with a deep cut on his neck. The man reported that when a fight broke out at the party, he stepped in to break it up. He said someone threw a beer bottle at him which hit him in the neck. The man said he went home and went to bed but later woke up and saw he was bleeding severely. He called EMS and was taken to the hospital.

April 28

A woman was reportedly thrown against a pole and into marsh water in the east end of the county by her husband. The woman said she was on a boat with friends when her husband showed up, saying he wanted to speak with her. She stepped off the boat and alleged that her husband grabbed her by the hair and pushed her against a pole and into the water.

April 29

Deputies responded to a 911 hang up and stopped a man from abusing a woman. When deputies arrived at the Isle of Wight home, they spotted a man standing over a woman with a baseball bat in his hands. She appeared to be crouched on the floor in a fetal position, begging him to stop. Deputies immediately handcuffed the man, who said he was protecting himself.

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