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Liberty County Sheriff's Blotter Feb. 4
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Jan. 16
Matter of record
North Coastal Highway, Midway

A report was filed claiming that a nurse heard one of the female patients yelling in her room, alleging that a rape had occurred. A deputy met with the patient and was told that nothing happened. The patient said she could have spoke out while in the midst of a psychotic episode.  The nursing director confirmed that the patient has a history of psychotic behavior.  As a precautionary measure the patient was taken for medical testing and the case was handed over to a detective. The detective later found out that this patient has made the same claim for the last three years and all were unfounded.
Jan. 17
Possession of cocaine with intent/possession of a firearm in the commission of a crime/possession of marijuana (misdemeanor)
Carter Road, Walthourville

A deputy was watching a residence on Carter Road, suspecting possible drug activity when, on one night, he saw a green Kia Sephia parked in front of the house and ran the tag. The search indicated that the tag actually belonged to a Honda Civic and the tag had been reported stolen.  The deputy approached two men near the car, inquiring about the car when the deputy reported he smelled marijuana. The deputy asked if they had any marijuana in the car. They said there were no drugs in the car and they had just smoked some marijuana, hence the odor. The deputy was given permission to search the car and did not find any drugs. The deputy asked to search the house. At first they denied the request and later relinquished. The search revealed marijuana residue, a loaded 44-caliber handgun and some crack cocaine.  The case was turned over to MACE.
Jan. 20
Suspicious activity
Third Street, Midway

A complaint was filed when a 4-year-old girl checked the mail for her father and found a large pink sex toy inside the mailbox. The complainant said he did not know who put the object in his mailbox but said he was having difficulty with a group of men who ride their four-wheelers on the road. The man reported his wife checked the box earlier and there was nothing inside. About a half hour later is when his daughter reported finding the object.
Jan. 21
DUI/reckless driving/failure to maintain lane
Becky Street, Hinesville

A deputy stopped a driver who was weaving and driving erratic. The deputy detected a strong odor of alcohol and said the man had slurred speech and almost fell while trying to step out of the vehicle. The man was taken to jail where he complied with a breath test. The first test started good but the machine displayed "interferent detected" and the test stopped. The machine was set up for a second test, but again the test failed. The deputy then asked for a blood sample and the man refused to comply.
Jan. 22
Speeding/disorderly conduct
Cassels Road, Flemington

A deputy stopped a vehicle he clocked going above the speed limit. The deputy issued the citation and was about to explain the ticket when the driver asked if he was deputy Denton. The deputy confirmed that was his name and suddenly the driver's demeanor changed. He reportedly snatched the ticket and his license out of the deputy's hand and began cursing at him. The man was taken into custody.
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