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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for April 30
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March 10: Suspicious activity — A man who resides at a boarding house on Ola B Lane said he thinks his landlord is stealing from him. The man said he receives a monthly Social Security check for $721. His landlord keeps the check and gives him $50 a month to spend. The man said he didn’t receive his $50 or his medication for the past month. The landlord said the man made arrangements to have his check deposited directly into her account. She added that she used the $50 to pay for his probation fees last month.
DUI/weaving across roadway/improper lane change — A deputy pulled over a male driver after he failed to use his turn signal when making a left from Airport Road onto Hardman Road. The deputy reported that the man drove the car off the road when making the turn. The deputy reported that the man reeked of alcohol and failed a breath test.

March 13
Shoplifting — A Midway man attempted to steal a sweet roll from a local convenience store, the store manager told deputies.
The manager said after he confronted the man, the man then paid for the sweet roll.
But on his way out the door, the man then took a pecan pie off the shelf and placed it in his jacket pocket without paying, the manager told deputies.
Driving while license suspended or revoked (misdemeanor) — A deputy stopped a Fleming man for driving around Midway on a suspended license. The man showed the deputy his temporary license with restrictions. He told the deputy he was going to his house for paperwork and then was going to stop by the bank to cash a check. The deputy asked him why he was seen driving around earlier. The man replied he was headed to a diner to get breakfast for his coworkers. The deputy informed the man his restricted license did not cover those trips. He was only allowed to drive to and from work, court, the hospital and substance-abuse courses, the deputy said. The man showed the deputy his citation for having been arrested in February for driving on a suspended license.
Identity fraud — A Midway man discovered he was the victim of identity fraud. The man told deputies he went to the bank for a loan, but his request was denied due to poor credit. After the man obtained his credit report, he learned he had 45 bad accounts in his name that he had not opened. One of the accounts had an incorrect date of birth and most were located in Florida, the man said. He estimated there was about $40,000 in bad accounts.

March 14
Criminal trespass — A Riceboro homeowner told deputies an unknown woman appeared on her front porch. The homeowner said that when she and the unknown woman spoke, the unknown woman claimed the homeowner had taken her flower pots. The homeowner said the flower pots were hers and refused to give them to the woman. The woman told the homeowner she would return and left in her vehicle.

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