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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Jan. 13
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Dec. 22: • DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol — A deputy pulled over a driver whose vehicle was weaving from side to side on Highway 38 in Midway. When the deputy approached the woman, she told him she had been talking on her cellphone. The deputy smelled alcohol coming from the woman’s vehicle.
He asked her if she had been drinking, and she admitted she had. She told the deputy she was upset about something that had happened between her and her boyfriend. The deputy asked the woman to take a field-sobriety test and a preliminary breath test. The woman’s blood-alcohol levels was .186, according to the LCSO report. The legal limit is .08.
The deputy told the driver she was under arrest and asked if she could get someone to pick up her car. After she stopped crying, she arranged for a friend to get her car. The deputy also found a cup in the center console that the woman claimed contained a strawberry margarita. The officer also found a cool, nearly empty bottle of Miller High Life in the vehicle

Dec. 27
• Possession of cocaine — A deputy responded to a report of a 911 call hang-up in Midway When he arrived, the officer saw a small, red car leaving the residence the deputy had been sent to.
The deputy blocked the driveway, but the car slowly moved forward and tried to get around the officer’s vehicle. The deputy got out and asked the driver if he had called 911. The man said no. A passenger in the car abruptly got out and approached the deputy. The Midway man told the officer he needed to get to work. The deputy was suspicious of his behavior and shined his flashlight on the ground  by the car door where the passenger had exited the car. The officer found two cellophane bags, one apparently containing white powder and the other several small, thin, white “cookies.” The deputy reported he suspected the bags contained powder and rock cocaine.

• Simple battery/theft by taking – misdemeanor — A Bacon Town Road woman told deputies a man came to her home and began to argue with her. She said the argument escalated and the man hit her in the face. The man then took the woman’s purse, which contained various bank cards, her ID and her cellphone, she said.
The woman said he left the area before deputies arrived. Deputies said a friend of the woman witnessed the incident, but the woman did not want officers to speak with her. Officers reported the woman had been drinking and was visibly impaired. She was nursing a cut on her finger, covered by a bloody napkin, officers reported. The woman told deputies she had cut her finger while defending herself.

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