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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Jan. 8
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Dec. 13: Theft by conversion — A woman and her boyfriend living with her mother claimed the mother tossed them out without a proper eviction. The couple said they left and returned the next day to retrieve their property but the mother had locked up 250 of her DVD movies and refused to give them back.
The mother told deputies the couple failed to pay their rent, so she was holding their DVDs until they pay. Deputies explained that the mother was allowed by law to withhold someone else’s property.
Theft by taking — A woman reported some jewelry and several items she had purchased for Christmas presents were missing. Deputies found no evidence of forced entry. The woman said she leaves a key under the door for a weekly maid service. She said the same woman has been coming to her home at least once a week but lately stopped coming regularly and started leaving early, complaining of health issues. She said it appears that her jewelry boxes, medicine cabinet and some of her drawers were rummaged through and a few items appeared to be missing from those areas as well. The day before the items went missing, the maid asked her if she could get paid early because she needed the money. The woman said she paid her and added a Christmas bonus but later noticed the house did not appear to have been cleaned.

Dec. 14
Criminal trespass — Neighbors feuding over property lines got a bit out of control when a man said his neighbor drove a piece of rebar into the ground at the end of the driveway and then placed a large rock over it, claiming it was the correct marking of their property line.
Suspicious activity — A woman was concerned that someone might be vandalizing or squatting at the vacant Freeman Grove Road home that sits next to her house. She told deputies that she saw a light coming from inside the home but knows it is bank-owned and vacant. The deputies entered the house through an unsecured back door and did find items were strewn throughout the residence, but the neighbor said the home had been that way for some time. It is unclear whether someone was illegally using the property.
Dec. 15
Entering automobile — Deputies had two calls from two locations, with both parties complaining that someone had rummaged through their cars and taken a pack of cigarettes.
One incident took place on Arcadia Road and the other on Freeman Road.
Speeding — A man went to jail after being pulled over for doing 97 miles per hour in a 70 miles-per-hour zone. The man showed the deputy his New Jersey license, which came up as suspended during the record check.
Dec. 18
Wanted subject — A deputy pulled over a car he noticed had an expired tag. The driver presented the deputy his Maryland driver’s license. While waiting on the results of the driver’s license check, the deputy walked his K-9 around the vehicle. The K-9 alerted the deputy to possible drugs on board. The driver and passenger were asked to step out of the car. The passenger said he had smoked a joint. At that point, dispatch told the deputy the driver was wanted in Florida and Massachusetts. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

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