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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for March 21
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Feb. 24: Suspicious fire — A woman spent most of the day working from her home office at her Wells Road residence and decided to step out to run a few errands. She said when she returned, the fire department was on scene, extinguishing a small fire.
The woman said she made sure everything was turned off and the house was secured before she left.
Several of her family members reported to police they suspected a female had something to do with starting the fire.
They said the woman had issues with the family.

Feb. 25
Disorderly conduct — Deputies were dispatched to the Fairview Inn on East Oglethorpe Highway for an intoxicated male yelling from the bathtub in his room.
A deputy reported he could hear the man yelling from down the hallway.
The manager reported many guest were complaining about the loud noise.
The man kept yelling incoherently in Spanish and would not respond to any of the deputies’ requests to provide identification or a reason why he was yelling.
The deputies searched the room and found the man had a New Mexico driver’s license and a military ID.
Fort Stewart officials said the man had yet to be assigned to the base.
He was arrested and taken to jail.

Matter of record — Deputies were dispatched to a Manchester Road home in Midway when the home owner received a call from her son regarding a fire.
The woman said her son called her and said the backyard was on fire.
She told deputies that her son spotted three teenagers leaving the backyard, and  then he noticed the fire.

Disorderly conduct — Deputies were called to a Slade Road residence, where they found a man sitting on top of his drunken brother and trying to hold him down on the floor.
The brother and his parents said they were just trying to stop him from damaging items in the house. The family said the man had been drinking all day and became belligerent.
The family said the man was on felony probation and they just wanted him to go into his bedroom and sleep it off, not be arrested.
The deputy talked to the drunken man. He promised he would go to his room and sleep. But as the deputy walked away from the house he could hear the man yelling at his family again and cursing them.
The deputy walked back into the house and arrested him.

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