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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Nov. 28
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Nov. 8, 2007
Hit and run
Disorderly conduct
5879 W. Oglethorpe Hwy.

A store clerk at Clyde’s market filed a complaint when a man kept making rude gestures with his hand and tongue at her. She said the man then entered the store and continued to make the same gestures. When she told him to leave, he yelled out expletives at her and proceeded to grab a beer bottle. When she again asked him to put the beer bottle down and leave the store, he continued yelling out expletives. A friend of the man’s then entered the store and took the offender outside to their car. The store clerk went outside to get the car tag while calling central dispatch on the phone. While she was on the phone, the man backed his car into the store clerk’s vehicle and sped off. She only obtained a partial tag number (WPD) but described the car as a dark green/blue SUV possible a Ford Expedition.

Nov. 8, 2007
Theft by shoplifting
1457 A Dunlevie Road

Deputies responded to a report of shoplifting and spoke with the store clerk who said a man had taken several objects out of a cooler and he was still in the store. Police approached the man and questioned him but he denied having taken any items and said he was only in the store to buy cigarettes. He also stated he went to use the bathroom a few times. Police checked the bathroom and found the items in the trashcan. The man then again denied taking them. He was released pending review of the store’s videotape. The manager arrived at the store a few hours later and called the deputies back to review the tapes. The tape clearly showed the man removing items from the cooler and taking them to the bathroom. The store manager was advised on warrant procedures.

Nov. 8, 2007
Possession of cocaine (charge pending)
Highway 119, Riceboro

A deputy saw a pickup truck weaving in the roadway, and initiated a traffic stop and detected the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from inside of the vehicle. The driver was asked whether he had any weapons, open containers or narcotics in the car and he said no. He then gave officers consent to search the vehicle and a small plastic bag that contained white residue, along with a smoking device that also had white residue, were found. The deputy also found Brillo pads that are commonly used as filters in crack pipes. The evidence was gathered and sent to the GBI labs for testing. The driver and passenger of the vehicle were released pending test results.

Nov. 9, 2007
Simple battery
295, lot 9 Arnold Drive

A woman reported her boyfriend scratched her in the face after an altercation about money. She said she picked him up from work and drove him home where he was supposed to get her some money. She waited five minutes and then went to the front door of the house and found it locked. She knocked on the door and eventually he opened it and let her in. She said he was very upset and they began to argue. That led to struggle in which her face was scratched. The boyfriend told authorities he and the complainant were supposed to go out of town together. He said when the complainant picked him up at work, he was not ready to go and she got angry because she had to wait. He said when he got home she waited in the car and later came to the front door and found it locked. He said this made her more upset thinking he was hiding another woman in the house. She began searching the house and was upset at him. He said she attacked him and when he tried to hold her back, she was accidentally scratched. Warrant procedures were explained.

Nov. 10, 2007
DUI/possession of marijuana
Disorderly conduct
Highway 196 west at Joyner Road, Hinesville

A deputy saw a car pull out in front of him heading westbound on Highway 196. On two occasions, the vehicle nearly hit the curb so the deputy stopped the car and went to speak with the driver. That’s when he noticed a strong odor of alcohol and asked the driver to step out of the car. The driver had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech and tested positive for alcohol on the alco-sensor. While speaking with the passenger, the deputy noticed the driver kept putting his hands in his pocket. He told the driver to keep his hand out of his pockets but the driver failed to comply. When the deputy went to handcuff the driver he resisted. Once apprehended, the officer saw a small bag containing what appeared to be marijuana on the ground by the car. A unit from Hinesville Police Department was dispatched to assist the deputy and the driver was read the implied consent for over 21.

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