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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Oct. 18
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Sept. 25: Arrest for another agency; Doing business without a license  — While on patrol, an HPD officer noticed a blue Direct TV canopy set up near a service station on Gen. Screven Way.
He said he saw two or three sales agents and a line of customers, who appeared to mostly be Bradwell Institute students.
He said he called the city business license office and learned no transient business permits had been issued for Direct TV.
He said he confronted the man who said he was the representative.
He told the man he knew he didn’t have a license to do business.
The man agreed to take down his tent, but the officer asked for his identification.  
Records showed the man was wanted by the sheriff’s office in Lauren County for a probation violation. He was arrested.

Sept. 27
Matter of record — Deputies responded to reports that shots were being fired in an area in the 400 block of Mary Todd Road.
Deputies found a man who said he was out cutting his lawn when a dog came towards him and tried to bite him. The man said he went inside his house got his shotgun and fired it at the dog.
The man said the dog ran off his property and added this dog has come to his property before and has tried to bite his father-in-law as well.
The man said he is upset because he has placed several calls to Animal Control about the dog and nothing has been done about the situation.

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