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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Oct. 23
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Sept. 28: Simple battery — A woman slapped her husband when she allegedly found information in his belongings indicating he was talking to other women and cheating on her.
The woman said she slapped him on the side and he retaliated by grabbing her by the throat.
The woman said she heard a cracking noise in her neck.
The husband said he shoved the woman on to the bed but did not mean to grab her by the neck intentionally.
Both parties were advised on warrant procedures and temporary protective orders.
Burglary/entering auto with intent to commit a crime — A woman reported she arrived at her Lewis Fraiser home to find someone had broken into her home and a car parked at her house.
The woman said she saw the passenger side door of the car was open and then noticed that someone had broken the window of the car to gain access and take the stereo. The woman said the car belonged to a friend who was out of the country. She reported she noticed someone had also taken her flat screen television from her bedroom.
She told deputies she had not been home for about two weeks because she was in the process of moving.

Sept. 29
Abandonment of dependent child — A mother of two toddlers allegedly left the children, still seated in their car seats, and a diaper bag on the lawn of the kids’ grandmothers’ house and drove away.
The grandmother said her son is the biological father but has no custody rights, and there had never been any conversations about the kids being left with her for long term care. Deputies called the Department of Family and Children Services. The biological mother has not been located.

Sept. 30
Driving with suspended/revoked license, allowing unlicensed person to drive, Obstruction —Deputies spotted a red mustang that had a suspended tag and watched as the driver of the car hit the curb as he turned into the Huddle House parking lot. As the deputy approached to make a traffic stop he saw someone open the driver’s side door, exit the car and run. The deputy gave chase but lost the suspect. Upon returning to the car he noticed the passenger had slid over to the driver’s side and was trying to pull away. The deputy backed up and blocked the car. The deputies noticed a smell of what they believed to be marijuana and found minute quantities of the green leafy substance in the car. A woman walked toward the officers and said the car belonged to her and she had let the man borrow it. It turned out he had a suspended license.
He was arrested on multiple charges and the woman was cited for allowing an unlicensed person to operate her vehicle. She was also cited for improper window tint.

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