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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Sept. 18
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Sept. 1: Suspicious acts — A woman told deputies she went to bed at about 11 p.m. and when she left her house the next morning at 9:30 a.m. she found plastic forks all around her yard, stuck upright in the ground. She said she did not know who would want to play a prank on her, that she was more concerned about someone being in her yard late at night.
Disorderly conduct — A man told deputies while he and a friend were moving his belongings into a house a dog entered the yard and began running around. The man said when he and his friend tried to “shoo” the dog away, the dog’s owner came over and began to argue with the two men. The argument escalated, and the dog owner allegedly threatened to kill the man and his friend, the man said. A deputy spoke with the dog owner, who admitted he threatened the man with bodily harm if he hurt his dog, but he did not threaten to kill him. The dog owner said the man had threatened to shoot his dog. The deputy advised the dog owner to secure his dog.
Simple assault —A woman told deputies her neighbor came to her door, covered in milk saying she’d had a fight with her boyfriend and that he threw milk on her. The woman allowed her neighbor inside so she could get cleaned up. The woman said a short time later her neighbor’s boyfriend showed up and the two stood talking on the porch. The woman said she heard them struggle over vehicle keys and she tried to help her neighbor take the keys from the boyfriend and received a small cut to her finger. Deputies spoke to the boyfriend who said he and his girlfriend had been arguing all morning over their relationship and their child. He said his girlfriend began throwing things and threw juice on him. He told deputies he “returned the favor” and threw milk on her. His girlfriend later left the home with his vehicle keys.
Deputies spoke to the man’s girlfriend, who said she yelled at her boyfriend for refusing to take care of their child. She admitted she threw things and accidently threw juice on him. The girlfriend said her boyfriend showed up on her neighbor’s porch, demanding his vehicle keys.

Sept. 2
Burglary — A convenience-store employee called deputies to report she had seen several suspicious people in the area. A deputy checked out the area but did not see anyone hanging around the store. The deputy left after the employee closed the store to go home.
Deputies went back to the store later that night when the alarm went off. They found the right window in the front entrance broken. Deputies made sure the building was clear. The store owner arrived to see if anything was stolen and to review the security tape. Two men could be seen on the tape entering the store. One man wore a red cap and possibly had red hair, according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office report.
The store owner told deputies it appeared 10-12 packs of cigarettes had been taken.

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