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Liberty County Sheriff's Department blotter for Oct. 5
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Disorderly conduct
Shaw Road, Walthourville
Sept. 18, 2007

 A student apparently won’t be getting an A in conduct this semester. A school bus driver reported the student used obscene and vulgar language in front of children under age 14 when told to move to the front of the bus. A review of the bus security tape showed the student said words using the letters M and F more than 10 times when referring to the driver.
Disorderly conduct
W. Oglethorpe Highway, Walthourville
Sept. 15, 2007

Two store employees — at least one a cashier — said they were talking about their work schedules when a customer told them to quit talking and serve him. The problem was the two workers and several other witnesses gave one account of the incident and the man gave another. The complainant said the offender called her and police hillbillies and basically bad-mouthed her makeup. The offender contends that was just not the case and was released. Warrant procedures were explained to the complainant.
Drug possession
Drug paraphernalia
Westfield Road
Sept. 19

A deputy spotted a vehicle veer into oncoming traffic and conducted a traffic stop. After a second deputy arrived on the scene and detected the odor of marijuana, the driver acknowledged drugs were in the vehicle. The driver and the passenger then consented to a search. Marijuana and a crack pipe were found. Both were arrested. The driver was charged with possession of marijuana and a drug-related object and the passenger was charged with having a drug-related object. The drug task force was notified and the vehicle was towed.
Theft by taking
Criminal damage
Criminal trespass
Luke Road, Midway
Sept. 23, 2007

Someone continues to damage and steal heavy equipment at a construction site in Midway, according to a man who is trying to clear a lot. The complainant reported four wheelers and trucks enter the property and the suspects have caused extensive damage to his equipment, costing him an excessive amount of money to repair and/or replace it. At that time, a John Deere grader, valued at $150,000 was missing. A detective was notified and the case was being investigation. The grader was later recovered.
Public drunk
Lakeside Way, Midway
Sept. 22, 2007

A woman was arrested after she repeatedly demanded pills from her husband and 80-year-old mother, and eventually snatched them off the back of the deputy’s patrol car. The woman’s husband said she had picked up 90 pills earlier in the day and had less than 40 left. The woman said her son had taken the pills from her when he picked up her prescription. The deputy also reported the woman reeked of alcohol, had difficulty walking and was yelling at her husband.
Highway 84
Sept. 14, 2007

Several people reported seeing a man laying next to a curb on Highway 84. Apparently, he had been riding a bike, fell and landed on his face on the cement. He suffered injury to his mouth and was taken by EMS to the hospital. The deputy noted he smelled alcohol emitting from the man. The victim’s mother said he had a history of seizures.

Drug possession
Ga. 38 at Highway 196 east
Sept. 19, 2007

A deputy spotted a vehicle weaving in the road and pulled it over. When he approached the car, the deputy thought he smelled marijuana. He asked the driver if he had been smoking marijuana or had been around it. The man said he’d been at his sister’s house and people there had been smoking. The deputy then asked for consent to search the vehicle and both men gave permission. Although no marijuana was reportedly found, three straws - two on the driver’s side and one on the passenger’s - were found that contained a white, powdery substance believed to be cocaine. A folded one-dollar bill containing the same substance was also found on the driver, who had by that time claimed ownership of the straws. The drug task force was notified and the driver was arrested. His sister retrieved his vehicle.
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