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Liberty County Sheriff's Department blotter for Sept. 19
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Battery, cruelty to child
Powers Blvd., Hinesville
Sept. 8

Two deputies were dispatched in reference to a domestic dispute. The complainant said she heard a noise in the living room, went to check and found the victim lying on the floor. Her son had hit the victim in the mouth. The complainant also said the victim had a baby five days earlier and still had staples in her stomach. EMS arrived and checked the victim. They said she appeared to be OK, except for a busted upper lip. The officer interviewed the victim who said she was feeding her baby. The offender came in and started cursing her. When she set the baby down, the offender slapped her in the mouth, grabbed her throat and choked her until she fainted. The officers found the offender in lying on the floor of a bedroom. He appeared to be intoxicated and was taken to jail.

Prince Road, Hinesville
Sept. 9

A complainant said she walked into her home to change her son and heard noises in her bedroom. She headed to the hall and heard someone run from her bedroom and out of the front door. She then found her jewelry box on the bed and the jewelry spread out. She noted nothing was missing.

Vehicle fire
Highway 17 South
Sept. 10

A deputy was dispatched to a vehicle fire on Highway 17 South. He spoke with the complainant who said his engine was on fire. The fire was extinguished and the vehicle was towed. Damage appeared to be limited to the engine compartment.
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