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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter April 28
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April 6
Obstruction of a law enforcement officer
Suspended driver's license
Attempting to elude
Eastbound Highway 196, Hinesville

A routine stop for speeding turned into a three-hour man hunt involving agencies from Liberty County sheriff's office, the Richmond Hill K-9 unit and Bryan County Sheriff's office. Lt. Eurith Eason of the Liberty County Sheriff's office clocked a vehicle he believed was traveling at a high rate of speed. He pulled the car over and the driver stepped and walked toward the deputy at the rear of the vehicle. Eason noted there were two other men in the car as he asked the driver for his license. The man said it was in the car and walked to over to ask his friend for his license. The man then backed away from the window and told the officer he didn't have his license. He then ran toward some woods. The deputy reported he chased the man until he made it into the woods. Eason went back to the car to speak with the passengers and one of them gave him the name of the man who ran.
A background check revealed the man had warrants for his arrest in Long and Chatham counties. The deputy also ran checks on the passengers but they were clear and were later given a ride to Midway to find transportation to Savannah. Eason reportedly contacted Deputy Daniel Graham of the Bryan County Sheriff's office who in turn called for the Richmond Hill K-9 unit.  Eventually the officers and dog found and apprehended the man. He was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center for treatment of some wounds sustained while fleeing in the woods and then he was taken to jail.

April 8
Criminal trespass
Shaw Road, Walthourville

Deputy Elpidio Fratichelli was dispatched to a mobile home park on Shaw Road, where four men reported damage to their mobile homes and vehicles. Three of the men, who live together, reported they saw a green GMC vehicle drive slowly by their home. The men claim that as the car drove by someone began shooting at their cars and home with a paint gun. Their neighbor later reported a paint ball also struck his mobile home. One of the men later reported he checked his car again and found someone had poured a large amount of pink paint inside it on the passenger side. The deputy told them about warrant procedures and reported the paint on the outside of the homes and cars appeared to be water based and easily washable.

Child molestation
Fort Stewart, Liberty County

The Criminal Investigation Division of the Liberty County Sheriff's office is looking into an alleged incident of suspected child molestation that covers October 2006 to this April 8. A woman says her 4-year-old daughter had somehow contracted genital herpes back in October 2006. She reported she took the child to a local area hospital to have it investigated but was told they was not enough physical evidence to pursue the matter. According to the incident report she was told to file another report if her daughter mentioned or hinted at any kind of abuse.
The mother reported that her daughter was at home with a babysitter at the beginning of the month. The daughter described matters of a sexual nature allegedly performed by the babysitter. The child was reportedly told that if she told her mother she would be taken away. The matter is being investigated.

April 11
Theft by taking
Old Sunbury Road, Flemington

Deputy Guy Pagliolo was sent to a home on Sunbury Road where a man reported his sneakers, VCR, assorted VCR tapes, cell phone, 15 cassette tapes and 2 CDs were taken from his house. The man says he was told by a friend that the items were taken by some people the man had let stay there earlier that week because they were sleeping in their cars.

April 13
Sexual assault
Live Oak Church Drive, Hinesville

A woman claimed she was sexual assaulted by a man while at a party at a friend's house. The woman reported she got very drunk and went into the bathroom where she blacked out. Two witnesses, one the woman's husband, claimed a man at the party went into the bathroom after her. They reported that when they went to check on her about 30 minutes later and found the door was locked. They say they banged and yelled for the man to open the door. The witnesses reported several minutes later the man threw the door open and walked out of the house saying he didn't do anything. The husband and woman reported they slept at their friend's house that evening. The woman says she woke up the next day and was sore and bruised. The case is being investigated.
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