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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter Feb. 12
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Jan. 29
Criminal trespass
Graves Court, Hinesville

A report was filed when a man went outside and discovered that someone had cut all the tires on all three of his vehicles. They were parked at his residence and the man said he doesn't know anyone who would have done it.

Jan. 30
Second DUI/suspended license
Georgia Highway 405, Riceboro

Several calls were made by the public notifying the authorities to look out for a man driving a white truck who appeared to be all over the road. A deputy was able to stop the driver and an arrest was made when he tested .156-blood alcohol content. The deputy said the man was driving erratically, had slurred speech and smelled of alcohol. The man confessed this was his second DUI and already had a suspended license with an upcoming court date of March 4.

Jan. 31
Simple battery
Islands Highway, Midway

A woman claimed that a man she knew began to argue with her when she arrived at her residence. She reported being pushed to the floor and having a button torn off her shirt. She also said he kept her house key. Warrant procedures were advised.

Jan. 31
Injured animal
Ray Road, Hinesville

A man filed a report informing the sheriff's office that, either a dog or coyote, attacked and injured his Shetland pony. He reported bites on the horse's right foot, right shoulder and neck.

Jan. 31
Accidental damage
Highway 196 West, Hinesville

A bus driver accidentally struck the awning of the drive-through window at Canooche EMC, causing damage to the awning and the top of the school bus.

Jan. 31
Pointing a gun at another
Beulah Road, Midway

A woman reported that her neighbor approached her with a handgun to confront her about her dog being in his yard. She reported she was walking her dog on a leash down Beulah Road and saw her neighbor come out. It is known that this neighbor once shot a neighbor's dog for being in his yard. The woman claims she turned around to walk the other way but decided to turn around again in an effort to be cordial and say hello. She told deputies that he approached her with a flashlight in one hand and a gun pointed at her in the other. They had an argument and she went back home and called the sheriff's office to file the report. He claims he never pointed the gun at the woman but admits to shooting another dog that he said was in his yard attacking his dog.

Jan. 31
Criminal trespass
Highway 196 West, Hinesville

A report was filed when a man found that someone had kicked in the front door of a trailer he inherited from his father-in-law. They added that nothing appeared to be missing from trailer.

Feb. 1
Altering identification/carrying a pistol without a license/film piracy
Dunlevie Road, Walthourville

Two men were detained and one later arrested for having a pistol he said he picked up from the ground a few days earlier. Deputies also discovered what appeared to be illegally produced DVDs inside a motorcycle helmet.

Feb. 3
DFCS referral
Highway 84, Walthourville

DFCS was informed of a 20-year-old boy left home alone while his mother and her fiance left to run errands. The couple was later found at the Friendly Express placing a call and deputies discovered that the man had an accident by Walthourville City Hall. He was reportedly DUI and in possession of cocaine. The woman was given a ride home.
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