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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter Feb. 20
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Feb. 7
Simple battery
Lake Pamona Road, Midway

An altercation between a man and his estranged wife and mother-in-law led to an argument and a glass of tea being thrown by the mother-in-law, hitting the wife in the face. The fight started when the husband and mother-in-law showed up at the wife's house so he could gather some of his belongings. She had changed the locks on the residence and didn't want either of them there. The deputy explained that the husband had a right to gather his belongings as long as there were no restraining orders against him, being they were still legally married. The deputy left but was soon called back after the tea attack. She claimed she was trying to stop the couple from having another argument.

Feb. 7
Simple assault
East Oglethorpe Highway, Flemington

A woman claimed she was pushed in the chest and cursed at by another woman while she was in her hotel room. She told the deputy the lady entered the room and locked the door behind her. The alleged offender said she did go into the room and locked the door behind her but denied she pushed or cursed at her.  

Feb. 8
Matter of record
McIver Road, Midway

After giving her neighbor permission to use part of her back yard to house his horse, the women filed a report with the sheriff's office when she said he went too far and built a fence on her property without her permission and refused to take it down. A deputy was sent to the house and watched as the neighbor took down the fence.

Feb. 8
Cherokee Trail, Hinesville

Two vehicles sustained damage after running over debris on Highway 196. Both cars had flat tires.

Feb. 8
Disorderly conduct
Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville

Deputies arrested two men for disorderly conduct when they failed to follow instructions while being removed from their trailer. The landlord had obtained a writ of possession and was removing items from inside the trailer when the tenant told him to stay away from his stuff. The deputy informed the tenant he had to move the items immediately as ordered in the writ, but he continued to ignore orders from the landlord and deputy. His son also argued with the deputies and both were arrested.

Feb. 9
Criminal trespass
Shawn Court, Hinesville

A family reported someone had egged their residence. A deputy arrived to find several eggs were thrown against a brick wall, bedroom window and dining room window. The complainant was not sure who threw the eggs, but said she was having trouble with several of the high school boys in the neighborhood. She recalled one young man in particular who was asking her if her daughter could come out to talk. She said he became belligerent when he was told the daughter was grounded and not allowed out.

Feb. 10
Criminal trespass (damage)
Bo'Maz parking lot, Walthourville

A woman reported her vehicle was damaged at the Bo'Maz parking lot. She showed the deputy her car that had a shattered rear window. There was also a brick. She believes her husband, who she is currently separated from, did the damage because he kept arguing with her at Bo'Maz when he saw her standing with other men.

Feb. 10
Entering auto
South Coastal Highway, Riceboro

A purse containing $300 cash, several credit cards and other personal items were taken from a car when the woman went inside a store and her husband was busy fueling the vehicle. She thought the door of the car was secured while her husband pumped the gas.
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