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Liberty County Sheriff's Office blotter Mar. 24
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Liberty County Sheriff's blotter

March 6
Aggravated assault
Oglethorpe Highway, Hinesville

A deputy was sent to Liberty Regional Medical Center's emergency room to speak with a man who claims he was assaulted while entering his hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express.  He reported a man pushed him into the room and another suddenly entered and hit him in the head several times. He reported his suitcase and pants, containing his wallet were stolen.

March 9
Animal control call
Arcadia drive, Midway

A woman reported that, while walking her dog, a light colored Labrador tried to attack her dog. She informed the deputy several complaints have been filed against the dog and owners in the past.  Animal control was called in and assisted the deputy in placing the dog back in the owners' fenced yard. Animal control will follow up the case.

March 10
Structure fire
Live Oak Church Road, Hinesville

Hinesville Fire Department responded and extinguished a mobile home that was engulfed in flames at Live Oak church Road. The owner arrived a short time later and reported he was inside smoking a cigarette but said he put the cigarette out and went to the store.  The fire is under investigation.

March 10
DUI / weaving on the road
Oglethorpe Highway, Hinesville

A woman who allegedly admitted to a deputy she had mixed pain medication with Nyquil and had taken Valium and cocaine was arrested when the deputy stopped her for weaving across the roadway.

March 11
Simple battery
Wayside turn, Midway

A woman claimed her very intoxicated neighbor hit her twice on her right arm when she went out to try and catch her dog, which got out of her yard. She reported she went down the street to get her dog when the man came out and yelled at her for being on his property. She said she told him she was not on his property and was only trying to catch her dog when he began to yell at her and then struck her. Warrant procedures were explained.

March 12
Civil matter
Ruben Wells Road, Hinesville

A woman filed a report saying she bought a car in Orange Park, Fla., on Jan 12, only to have it blow up in her front yard the next day. She reported she made arrangements to take the car back to Florida on Jan. 28, but found someone had brought the car back and parked it in front of her house on March 12. She was advised to seek the advise of an attorney.

March 12
Sunshine Lake Road, Midway

A woman was allegedly struck in the face with what she believes was a PVC pipe after confronting her renter to collect past due rent. She claims she tried on several occasions to contact with the renter regarding the rent and was thinking of changing the locks. When she finally contacted the renter she informed the renter she was considering evicting him. She reported she turned to walk away when the renter called her a name. She claims she turned around and was struck in the face by the thrown pipe.
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