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Liberty County Sheriff's Office Blotters
wall of crime scene tape 1600 clr 8537

June 1
Verbal dispute — A mother asked her adult daughter to leave the house after the two had a loud verbal argument. The daughter had her boyfriend pick her up so she could leave the house until things cooled down.

June 2
Lost wallet — A man filed a report after he lost his wallet. He said his driver’s license and concealed-weapons permit were in the wallet, so he needed a police report to present to probate court and have a new permit issued.

Verbal dispute — A grandmother became quite upset with the way her daughter’s current boyfriend disciplined her grandchildren. The boyfriend had “popped” one of the children on the bottom for being disobedient, and the grandmother did not approve. The child’s mother left the house after becoming tired of hearing her boyfriend and mother argue. Later on, the grandmother left the house as well to let things cool off.

Matter of record — A woman reported that she had tried to call her children, who were at her soon-to-be ex-husband’s house, but was unsuccessful after several attempts over a period of three days. The woman said her attorney advised her to call the police. Deputies went to the home of the father, who said each time the kids’ mother tried to call, the children were in bed or he was in class and could not answer the phone. The father told deputies that the children currently were up and the mother could speak to them. The deputy called the woman to let her know it was a good time to call her kids. She complained that the children were still up and should be asleep by then.

June 3
Terroristic threats — A woman said she was scared when a man who was banging on her front door was denied entry and left the area after firing three rounds in the air. While talking with the deputy, the woman’s cellphone rang, and she said it was the man who had just left her house. The deputy told her to answer the phone and place the call on speaker. The deputy listened as the man threatened to kill the woman at least 15 times during the conversation. The deputy then took the cellphone and identified himself. The man said, “I have enough bullets for you too,” before disconnecting the call. The woman gave the deputy the man’s Tope Lambert Road address, and officers went to the man’s house. After they found an empty gun case in the trunk of his car, they asked the man about the gun. He told police it was in his bedroom and led them into the room where it was found under the bed. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

July 1
Obstruction of a law-enforcement officer — A man was arrested and cited for obstruction of justice after a deputy stopped the vehicle the man was riding in for having a headlight out. The deputy pulled the vehicle over in the area of Leroy Coffer Highway and Roger’s Pasture Road and requested identification from the male driver and male passenger. The passenger allegedly had an outstanding warrant from the Hinesville Police Department for a probation violation.
When the deputy asked the passenger for his Social Security number to verify his identity, the man said he didn’t know it and later gave a fake number. The driver of the vehicle was issued a warning for the busted headlight, while the passenger was arrested for obstruction and taken to jail.

Matter of record — A woman reported that a man tried to scam her for money over the phone. She said she spoke to a man, who had a thick Asian accent, and told her she was eligible to receive $9,000 from the federal government. In order to claim her funds, she had to purchase a $200 cashier’s check or money order and write the name VOHN on it along with confirmation number AK207. Knowing it was a scam, the woman declined and filed the report so police would be aware of the scam.

Found contraband — A deputy pulled over a Toyota on Luke Road when he noticed the vehicle had a busted tag light. The deputy approached the female driver and reported there was a strong smell of what he thought was marijuana emanating from the car. The deputy asked the woman about possible illegal substances in the car, and she replied that maybe her sister had smoked weed when she was in the car earlier that day. The deputy was given consent to search the car and reported he found two roaches (smoked marijuana cigarettes) under the passenger seat.

July 2
Criminal trespass — A woman reported that her two vehicles and the garage door of her home had been egged by someone overnight. The woman said her dog started barking around 3 a.m., but she didn’t go outside to discover the cause of the barking. She said that when she woke up and went outside around 7 a.m., she noticed that someone had egged her garage and cars.

July 4
Matter of record — A woman likely sustained severe injuries after flipping the Honda ATV on which she was riding off Barrington Ferry Road in Riceboro. The deputy reported that the woman complained that her head hurt, and she was transported by ambulance to Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah. The woman who was driving the ATV did not appear injured and said the ATV just flipped on its side. The deputy observed damage to the ATV’s roll cage and top. The deputy reported that it did not appear the female driver was under the influence of alcohol, and no further action against her was taken.

July 5
Verbal dispute — A woman complained that her husband had turned off the power to the house after the couple had been arguing. The woman said she was cooking dinner for her children and told her husband she didn’t have time to argue. That made him mad, so he went outside and shut off the main power to the house. The deputy advised that because of the heat, it was not wise to shut off the main power because it was unsafe for the children.

July 6
Matter of record — A neighbor called deputies after hearing the couple arguing inside their Butter Bount Road home. Deputies arrived and found a man sitting outside the home and holding a pair of crutches. He said he had a broken ankle and that he and his girlfriend have been arguing because of his pain. The girl said all he wanted to do lately was complain about his ankle pain, and she didn’t want to argue or hear him complain anymore.

July 7
Matter of record — A 13-year-old boy had called for police claiming his younger brother had stolen some money from his bedroom. The boy’s mother told the deputy she had no idea her son had called 911 and that the money had been found and her son had overreacted.

July 9
Matter of record — A man said he was trying to legally repossess a car parked at a home off Oglethorpe Highway. The man said he had the car on the lift portion of his tow truck when a man bolted toward the car, jumped in, started the engine and began to back the car off the lift. By doing so, the man said the car was damaged. The man added that the home also was damaged when the car struck the building.

July 13
Obstruction of a law-enforcement officer/public drunkenness — A man was seen sitting on an ATV on the sidewalk off Oglethorpe Highway and Shepherd Drive in Allenhurst and was approached by a deputy who asked him what he was doing. At first, the man said he had run out of gas and was waiting for someone. The deputy felt there might be more to the story and went back to talk to the man. The deputy reported that it was quickly apparent that the man was intoxicated. While trying to retrieve the man’s Social Security number and date of birth, the man became irate and took off on foot toward the railroad tracks. The deputy caught up, deployed his Taser and later handcuffed the suspect. During the investigation, the deputy noted that it appeared the man might have stolen the ATV from a nearby business behind the Allenhurst Post Office. The man was charged with obstruction of a law-enforcement officer and public drunkenness. The investigation was turned over to a detective.

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