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Liberty sheriffs office promotes five deputies
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With Lt. Danny Pittman’s recent retirement, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office had one slot to fill and several promotions to hand out during a ceremony Wednesday evening at the justice center.

“It’s always on a good note to see good, hardworking folks move up and sometimes it’s sad because you are either having somebody retire or  move on to another career in order for somebody to take that next step up,” LCSO Chief Deputy Keith Moran said.

The first promotion went to Sgt. James Caines, who was promoted to lieutenant and will replace Pittman.

“He will be replacing Lt. Danny Pittman as the chief of security for the Liberty County Justice Center courthouse and the annex,” Moran said. “It’s a great responsibility. He has shown me more leadership in the last six months than I could believe could happen.”

Caines, who has been Pittman’s right-hand man, said Pittman was an excellent leader.

“Thank you very much,” Caines said. “Working underneath him (Pittman), under some excellent tutelage, has helped me out a whole lot. I’m going to miss him and its bittersweet today; he’s like a best friend.”

Moran appointed deputy Marty Adams to a senior supervisory position in the department.

“When you are looking for a supervisor, you look at longevity, you look at training, you look at experience and you look at stability,” Moran said, noting that Adams has been with the department for 24 years.

Cpl. Charles Brady was promoted to sergeant.

“Brady has been with the department for eight years and he is the perfect example of somebody that has worked his way up the department,” Moran said. “He is going to be Lt. Caines’ right-hand man. Cpl. Brady has worked very hard and is very dedicated. He is always here when you need him and always puts in the extra hour.”

After 11 years of service, Cpl. Ralph Dixon was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

“Cpl. Dixon and Adams are the only two LSCO Medal of Honor winners and it was well-deserved,” Moran said. “It is perfectly clear these two men will take the risks that are necessary to take care of this department and the citizens of Liberty County.”

Finally, Deputy Scott Stevens was promoted to advance deputy sheriff.

“He has done an excellent job and has worked his way up through the ranks,” Moran said.

LCSO Sheriff Steve Sikes said he was proud of his officers’ commitment and respects the work they do.

“Plain and simple, I’m in the middle of this training that I am going through and I really realized what it takes to be an officer of the law,” he said. “It has enlightened my eyes a lot.”

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