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Local utility reports copper theft
Sheriffs office seeks suspects
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Have information?


Call 911 or the Liberty County Sheriffs Office at 368-7474.

Liberty County Sheriffs Office is investigating an apparent theft of thousands of dollars worth of copper from a local utility company.

The telephone copper wire was stolen sometime early Wednesday morning at the CenturyLink cable yard in the 100 block of Patriots Trail in Flemington, according to Detective Jim Chapman, who is the lead investigator.

He said in an interview Thursday that the people who stole the cable cut through two chainlink fences and unrolled 198 feet of 600-pair wire used by Mastech, a contracting firm that shares the CenturyLink facilities. The missing wire is valued at $1,889.00.

The thieves then unrolled 200 feet of 1200-pair cable valued at $3,830 from the CenturyLink area. After the scene had been inspected, Chapman said the copper appeared to have been loaded in a vehicle and hauled off.

The detective said anyone with information can call 911 or the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 368-7474.

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