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Long Co. places Towrific in rotation, still no wrecker ordinance
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The Long County Commission at its April meeting finally resolved a months-long issue regarding a towing company.
For nearly a year, Towrific Towing owner Bruce Ballance had been trying to get his company onto the rotating list of towing businesses that are called by Long County’s Wiregrass E-911 Center when a wrecker is needed at an accident scene. During April’s meeting, he again went before the commission to plead his case.
According to Ballance, another towing company had been placed on the list since his request. He said he didn’t understand why his company hadn’t been added to the list as well.
Ballance said he meets all of the requirements, has two wrecker trucks available and wants to be placed in the rotation.
After Ballance spoke, Commissioner Wallace Shaw made a motion to have Towrific Towing added to the rotation. Commissioner Andy Fuller seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.
However, the issue establishing a countywide wrecker ordinance still hasn’t been resolved. At the November meeting, commissioners approved a measure to have the county attorney research and begin drafting an ordinance. Then at the December meeting, Deputy Craig Nobles of the Long County Sheriff’s Office told commissioners that the sheriff’s office would like to use the Liberty County ordinance as a model and set up a work session to finalize a proposal. 
In January, commissioners reported that the sheriff’s office still was working on a draft.
In February, the commissioners reportedly were going to schedule a workshop.
Last month, Chairman Bobby Walker said the ordinance still was being worked on, but as of the April meeting, no ordinance had been adopted.
In other business:
• Commissioner Cliff Deloach brought up the issue of homes in the county still not being properly addressed. During the recent wildfire, firefighters were not able to locate several addresses where homes were in danger. The primary reason for this, Deloach said, was because homes were not addressed properly. He said he believes that if people continue to violate this requirement, they should be fined. After a brief discussion, the commissioners decided to establish a deadline for homes to be addressed. They also said people would be given adequate time to meet the requirements before any fines would be issued.
• Commissioners approved purchasing a half-acre tract of land adjacent to the Senior Citizen’s Center for additional parking. Joe Phillips will sell the land to the county for $13,000. The measure passed by a vote of 4-1, with Commissioner David Richardson voting against it. The land will be purchased using SPLOST funds.
• Commissioners approved $20,000 to be used from the Drug Abuse Treatment Education Funding program — $10,000 will go toward funding the anti-drug program in the county’s 4-H Program, and $10,000  will fund the Liberty County Drug Court.
• Commissioners reappointed Richardson and Mike McGowan to the Wiregrass E-911 Board.

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