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Long Countians to get E-911 addresses soon
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GeoComm and the Long County E-911 Committee met Sept. 27 and reported residents should soon be informed of their new addresses.
According to GeoComm GIS specialist Karl Larsen, the new addresses will start being sent out early next month.
“The two factors which will effect when people receive their address is the amount of time it takes the postmasters to approve the edit sheets, and the time it takes to print them out and get them sent,” Larson said.
He noted that although the community will know their new addresses, they won’t start using them until the post office sends out the notification to start doing so.
GeoComm Communications consultant Ron Bloom also reported all the communications equipment from Long County had been approved, and he was working with Coastal Communications on completing the addressing through the phone company.  
It also was reported the county and Ludowici would be receiving an updated map with the new road names, so if any questions arose about roads the municipalities would have a resource to answer any questions about the names.
County Commissioner Mike McGowan said, “I don’t foresee any problems in this area due to the information put out in the community and the public support for the plan.”
“If we do run into any, the main contact for residents will be Mary Ann (Odum) at the courthouse, and she will distribute the calls to the corresponding commissioner (for each district),” he said.
It also was reported the final floor plans for the communication center in McIntosh County had not been approved, but McIntosh County Commissioner Luther Smart had met with the architect last week who was working on the final design.  
The next meeting was scheduled for Oct. 25. McGowan recommended the people on the E-911 Committee or who have been working on the project attend because the addresses would be sent out shortly thereafter.
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