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Long County finalizing disaster preparation plan
Committee finishes first draft; residents asked to offer input
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The Long County Joint Hazard Mitigation committee recently completed its initial draft of the updated county disaster preparation plan, according to committee member Kathy Flournoy. 

She said the group will review the completed document and present it to the public for community input. After the community offers input, the committee will adjust the draft and then submit a final plan to the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Flournoy said the initial plan was approved in 2005 but needed to be updated to meet federal guidelines. By maintaining an updated plan, Long County and Ludowici continue to be eligible for disaster relief funds under the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Act.

“The purpose of the plan is primarily to create a safer community for the residents of Long County by reducing the potential for devastation to life and property by natural disasters and some disasters caused by man,” Flournoy said.

She said the plan helps accomplish that goal by creating a document that provides the foundation for emergency management planning, training and preparedness. 

The plan began by identifying hazards that have taken place in Ludowici and Long County in the past 60 years and also potential disasters that could arise in the future.
Community leaders gathered input, then processed the data to determine the likelihood of each potential disaster happening.

The group looked at the possibility of wildfires, flooding, droughts, tornadoes, storms and hurricanes. The committee also looked at the potential problems that could arise should a traffic accident occur in the county with a vehicle carrying some type of hazardous material.

Flournoy said the plan-update process includes gathering information in public hearings and creating the update committee led by Long County Emergency Management Agency Director Darrell Ballance. 

After the planning committee reviews the proposed draft, Flournoy said, the committee will schedule a public hearing, which all residents are encouraged to attend.

For more information on the proposed update to the Long County Joint Hazard Mitigation Plan, call the Long County Emergency Management Office at 912-545-2143.

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