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Long County massage clinic closed for alleged misconduct
City attorney seeking an injuction against parlor
MR bally massage

LUDOWICI — The Bally Massage Clinic was shutdown Saturday by the Ludowici Police Department after one of its employees allegedly offered to perform sex acts for a fee.

According to LPD Investigator Sal Genualdi, police had received an anonymous tip that the women at the business were having sexual contact with customers for money.

Genualdi said two undercover persons went to the clinic on Feb. 5 and 6. On each night, the undercover men were given full body massages and the offer to "finish the job" for an additional $20 tip.

The offer was declined. However, as they left the female employee said they still owed her a tip. The individuals paid her the $20 and left, reporting what had happened to the LPD.

Saturday, Genualdi and several other LPD officers went to the clinic at around 6:30 p.m. There were two women designated to give massages and a receptionist at the clinic.

Genualdi said none of the women could produce a Georgia massage therapist license.

The undercover individuals identified Jinshu Xuan, 45, as the woman who propositioned them on the previous nights.

Xuan was arrested, charged with giving massages in a place used for lewdness, prostitution… and another sex for hire allegation.

LPD then contacted Yong Lee, an associate of the business owner, and informed him what had taken place. Lee called the owner, Myong R. West. Lee said West was out of town, but would be in Ludowici on Sunday to talk to Genualdi.

According to Genualdi, the business was shut
down as a result of there not being a licensed massage therapist present. The investigator also said the charges had been reported to the Georgia Board of Massage Therapy.

Attempts to contact Lee Monday were unsuccessful.

According to LPD Chief Richard Robertson, the city attorney is seeking an injunction against the business.

"Ludowici is a small town with good people, and hopefully this place will be shut down, because we don’t want outsiders coming into the town, taking advantage of the people," the chief said.

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