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Long County Sheriff's blotter for Oct. 5
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First-degree arson
Aggravated assault
County Road 20, Ludowici

A man woke up to the smell of smoke, looked outside and saw his mobile home on fire. He ran next door to his father’s house, and the pair doused the flames with a water hose and a fire extinguisher. No major damage was done. Two sets of prints — one with shoes and another barefoot — were seen coming from a dirt road and leading to the man’s house. There was also a strong odor of gasoline and a burn pattern leading up to the mobile home from about three feet away. The case was turned over to a detective.
Criminal trespass
Oakdale Mobile Home Park, Ludowici
Sept. 3, 2007

A woman reported someone tried to break into her home by prying the front door open, causing damage to the door and frame. The offender failed to gain entry and no items were reported missing.
Matter of record
Pine Meadows MHP
Sept. 21, 2007

A Walthourville city employee reported a woman, who was angry because he shut off her water, was walking by his house and shouted profanities at him in front of his child. The woman said the complainant had started yelling at her for no reason and she was basically returning the favor. She also said the man pointed a gun at her. A witness reported he did not see the complainant with a gun. Since the woman didn’t live in the area, she was advised to leave and refrain from contacting the complainant. She was also told to contact the city if she had a problem with the way the complainant handled his job.
Terrorist threats
Criminal trespass
Beaver Hill MHP, Allenhurst
Sept. 23. 2007

A woman allegedly had $400 stolen out of her purse, and her boyfriend — along with three buddies — reportedly decided to try and get it back. The boyfriend and another man entered a residence, believing someone there had something to do with the missing money. The complainant was told to return the money by a certain date or he’d be beaten. He immediately, called 911.
Simple battery
Rt. 4, Ludowici
Sept. 22, 2007

A woman reported her husband got mad at her after she had a minor traffic accident. She noted he verbally abused her, and then physically assaulted her. The deputy saw red marks on the woman’s arms and throat, and provided her with options for proceeding. She declined to press charges but was considering a temporary protective order.
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