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Long County Sheriff's blotter
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Domestic dispute
Railroad Street, Oct. 6

A complainant lives in town but left her residence after reportedly being physically abused by her fiancé, the offender. The complainant said when she returned home from work, the offender and several other people, who she only knows by their first names, were partying at her home. The complainant took a nap and, when she woke up, her fiancé started an argument with her. She said he then grabbed her by the shoulder and shook her, and then threw her down onto the bedroom floor. She also said the offender was extremely intoxicated at the time of the incident and he abuses several prescription drugs. The complainant said the offender also gives the drugs to his friends. The complainant said she had only been living in the residence for about a month and that she is considering leaving the offender permanently. The complainant had been drinking alcohol as well and did not want to return to the incident location that night. She wished to retrieve her personal belongings the next day after she got off work.

Domestic dispute
Discharge of firearm while under influence of alcohol
Disorderly or indecent
Rt. 4, Oct. 7

A complainant and his wife, the offender, got into an argument and both of them were reportedly heavily intoxicated. Both parties had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and were unsteady on their feet. The offender was reported to be more obviously intoxicated than her husband. The domestic disturbance escalated into a physical altercation and the offender said the complainant slapped her, although there were no visible signs to corroborate the statement. The complainant said the offender got his revolver, a Colt Trooper MK III .357 Magnum 6 shot handgun, and pointed the firearm at his head and threatened to kill him. He then left the house and notified authorities. Two deputies responded to the scene. One of the deputies found the complainant outside the home. He said the offender was behind the house with the handgun. Before the deputy could get out of his vehicle, he heard a gunshot and the complainant said, “Now she’s shooting.” The deputy notified dispatch and another deputy arrived shortly thereafter. The deputy approached the residence and asked the offender to come out. There was a large dog inside and the dog was jumping at the window, barking and growling. The offender put the dog in a cage and opened the front door. The deputy checked her briefly for a weapon and determined she did not have it on her. The officer placed the offender in the back seat of the patrol car and searched for the weapon. A loaded gun was found in a grill. One round had been fired. When questioned about the missing bullet, the offender said she hadn’t shot the gun. The complainant insisted no one else was at the residence all night. The deputy confronted the offender about the conflicting statement and she refused to admit to discharging the weapon. The deputy issued a citation for disorderly conduct. Additionally, after performing an NCIC records check, there may be other charges filed. The handgun was transported to the sheriff’s office by a deputy and was stored as evidence along with the empty cartridge and live rounds.

Aggravated assault
Country Manor, Oct. 19

A complainant said her grandson, the victim, came home with a cut on his right cheek. She attempted to get him medical treatment but he did not want help. At the time of the incident, the complainant and the victim did not know the identity of the offender but, as a result of a later incident, the offender’s identity was established. The officer made contact with the victim and his grandmother about five hours after the incident took place. The victim said he wished to press charges on the offender but refused to be interviewed by an investigator. As a result, at that time, no charges were pending.

Theft by receiving stolen property
Beaver Hill, Oct. 20

A complainant reported having a problem with an acquaintance. The deputy was told someone took stolen property to a residence at Teal Estates and sold it to someone else there for $30 or $40. The woman who paid for the stolen property was not at the incident location when the deputy arrived. The witnesses pointed out a TV, DVD player and a VCR that was sitting in the front yard; these were the items that were sold. Another witness said they did not want the property at their house because it was probably stolen. The officer loaded it up, took it to the sheriff’s office and discovered the victims of the burglary were en route to report the thefts. At the sheriff’s office, the complainants reported they they had been moving out of their home when someone stole their TV, DVD player, a VCR, surround sound system, lots of their clothes and several various items. The complainants positively identified the items the deputy had been able to recover. An investigator was notified and met with the complaints, too. After gathering more information, authorities returned to Beaver Hill and Teal Estates to interview the witnesses. The woman who purchased the property said two young, white men brought the items to her home at 2 a.m. Oct. 20 and she bought the TV, the DVD player and the VCR. At about 2:30 p.m. Oct. 20, she took the stolen items back to the residence where she believed at least one of the men lived. She said she attempted to return the property because she eventually thought about the purchase and decided it was not a good idea, legally, and that the TV, DVD player and VCR were most likely stolen. When she returned the stolen and demanded her money back, they got into an argument — the initial reason the sheriff’s office had been contacted. The witnesses said they don’t know anything about the incident and didn’t want to be involved.

Simple assault
Rt. 3, Oct. 19

The complainant’s daughter, the victim, was at the offender’s residence with two friends. The three girls were together all evening and had been at the football game. After the game, they went to the offender’s residence and were visiting with the offender’s brother. After being at the residence for a while, the victim and the offender were in a bedroom talking. The offender was reportedly upset the victim would not have sex with him and became aggressive towards her after they left the bedroom and were standing around in the living room. While the offender was yelling at the victim, he approached her and shoved her in the face with one hand and in the shoulder with the other hand, simultaneously. He shoved her hard and the victim stumbled and fell into the wall. The victim ran out the door. The victim’s left eye was swollen and discolored. The offender’s brother grabbed the offender and kept him from chasing the victim outside. The victim drove away with her friends without further incident.

Civil matter
Rt. 2, Oct. 21

The complainant and his fiancé, the witness, moved into the residence at the incident location about two months earlier. The property owner was formerly acquainted with the complainant and the witness when they lived in Liberty County and suggested they move into an empty mobile home on his property in Long County. There was no lease or contract signed, according to the complainant, and there had been too many problems with the property owner’s son for him to remain at the location. The complainant and his fiancé have decided to move and the property owner’s son was calling and making threatening statements to sue the complainant and to get a warrant for stealing a couch that was in the mobile home when they moved into the residence. The complainant didn’t want the couch because it was in bad shape and he asked the property owner if he wanted to keep the couch. The property owner told the complainant to keep it or get rid of it because he didn’t want it anymore. The complainant said all he wants is to move out and leave the residence like he found it. The complainant also said that while he was moving his property, he thinks the property owner’s son may have entered the home through a bedroom window. The door was locked and the window was closed but when he came home to pick up anther load the window was partially opened and the bedroom had also been forced open. The only way the property owner’s son would have known the couch was no longer in the residence was by entering the home.

Theft by taking
Rt. 3, Oct. 24

A complainant reported that two 100-pound propane cylinders were stolen from the yard of the mobile home she is renting. The complainant didn’t know if the tanks belonged to the gas company or to the property owners but her stove uses propane fuel and she was unable to cook food for her children on the evening of the theft. The complainant called one of the property owners to report the problem and was reportedly told the owner suspected her brother(s) might have stolen the tanks since they both have a history of stealing, alcohol and drug abuse and other crimes. Both the offenders have criminal records. The property owner later told authorities her brothers admitted to stealing the tanks and they had them at their residence. She then instructed her brothers to return the tanks to her property and re-connect the gas lines so the complainant could cook for her children. The complainant told her brothers the tanks had better be back in place within 30 minutes.
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