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Long County to Have County-Wide Emergency Test via Phones
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LUDOWICI - Sometime in March, the Long County-Emergency Management Agency will test the new crisis communication system.
"This test will go out to all of the phone land-lines in the county, and will be done to familiarize the residents in the county of what they could expect, should we ever need to get a real emergency notification out," LCEMA Director Darrell Ballance said.
 According to Ballance, system delivers a recorded message to all residents who have a telephone in their house.  The system currently can call up to 1,500 members of the community, and the message will be sent out and received within minutes.  
Ballance said the system will provide information to the citizens of Long County during emergency evacuations, natural disasters, and transportation accidents.  Should an emergency happen, people in the community could be told of when and where they should go to find a safe location.
According to Ballance, the system is operational, and a test will be conducted in the near future, however it will contact only home phone lines, and not mobile or cellular phones.
"When we do the test, no one needs to be alarmed, it will just let everyone know how the system works, and what they could expect during a real crisis", said Ballance.
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