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Long E-911 center plans revised
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LUDOWICI -- The Long County E-911 Committee met on Feb. 28.
According to GeoComm's Karl Larson, the initial contract for the Wiregrass Communication Center in Darien, which will be providing service to Long County, has been reviewed. Larson also reported that revisions to the plans had been provided to McIntosh County, from the architectural firm of Lee Meyer and Co.
An updated floor plan was provided to officials in both McIntosh and Long for review, and according to the architect, the estimated construction time will be for 90-180 days.
GeoComm's Deb Rozeboom reported the company had issued initial customer notifications, and that as discrepancies were identified they were being corrected. She also reported that the phone matches in Long County was currently 75 percent for Windstream Communication and 89 percent for Coastal Utilities.
There also was discussion regarding the making and installation of new road signs in Long County. According to McIntosh County Commissioner Luther Smart, McIntosh will buy equipment to make signs and could make the Long County signs.
"From what I understand we will be making the (Long County) signs, and you will be installing them," he said. "We are purchasing the equipment to do this, and you will only be paying for the materials and the cost to produce them."
Long County Commissioner Mike McGowan agreed that this was the plan.
The next meeting was scheduled for March 19th at the Long County Courthouse at 1 p.m.
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