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Long E-911 progresses on data base
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Just two months ago Long County E-911 was at 46 percent on matching data base through Windstream and Coastal Utilities.
GeoComm's Karl Larson reported at a Jan. 31 meeting the county now is at 86 percent.
"Being at 86 percent is good," Larson said. "Your county is moving along good and we are right on schedule. The rate we need to be at for the system to go online is 98 percent."
According to Larson, the information being matched is phone numbers and addressing information necessary for the E-911 conversion. Larson also reported that McIntosh County, which is in a joint venture with Long, is at 91 percent, but also noted that they began before Long County did.
GeoComm GIS supervisor Deb Rozeboom also requested any information regarding hazardous material areas or other areas of special interest at the meeting. She said the information would be important for dispatchers to warn emergency vehicles.  
Long County Planning and Zoning head Michelle Poppell said there were no hazardous material sites. Regarding other special areas, she would research and report in February.
Commissioner Mike McGowan said he would ask Ludowici/Long County Fire Chief Darrell Balance if he was aware of any such sites.
Rozeboom also reported that plans for the WireGrass E-911 Center in Darien were being reviewed, but it still looked like the work on the building could begin this month.
It also was reported that beginning in February, the meetings would probably start being "joint meetings" with McIntosh and Long county officials and GeoComm.
"You are at the point where you really can start meeting together, because most of the county's individual work has been completed," Larson said.
The next meeting was scheduled for Feb. 28.
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