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Long fire department moves to part-time
0127 long fire dept
Firefighters Arthur Davis and David Parker check the engine at fire station one in Ludowici. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
According to members of the Ludowici/Long County Fire Department, the toughest part of their jobs is getting equipment to a fire in a timely manner. After a house fire is reported, firefighters say they must head to the fire station, pick up the fire truck and equipment and drive to the fire, by which time, the structure is usually fully engulfed.
Thankfully, it’s a problem the Ludowici/Long County Fire Department no longer has to deal with during during daytime hours. Earlier this month, the department brought on part-time certified firefighters to respond to calls from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. seven days a week.
“This has been a much-needed change,” said
L/LCFD Capt. Karl MacDonald. “The primary advantage of having firefighters available is that we can get the equipment to a scene so much quicker, and begin doing our job.”
According to MacDonald, the department covers all calls in the city and county, whether they are fire-related, traffic accidents or medical emergencies.
“Our primary job is being a firefighter, putting out brush fires, house fires and responding to wrecks — those types of calls. But in life-threatening situations, when we’re needed, we assists in any way that we can on medical calls, too,” he said.
On Jan. 21, firefighters Arthur Davis and David Parker began the new routine. They started their
days by checking the equipment at station one in Ludowici.
“We usually check all of the equipment on the trucks when we first come in and then we have been going out and checking water sources throughout the county,” Davis said.
In addition to checking for water sources such as hydrants and ponds, Davis said the firefighters have been familiarizing themselves with the mobile home parks in the county.He wants people to know the department has gone from volunteer to part-time status.
“Most people don’t even know that we’re working during the days now, but from all of the comments that we have gotten, the people are overwhelmingly supporting the change,” the firefighter said.
According to MacDonald, the department has nine firefighters working throughout the week, and the volunteer firefighters are still being used in the same capacity.
“We are scheduling two firefighters each day. Most of them have other jobs, so it has been working out well. But we’re still paging out the volunteers, too,” he said.
According to MacDonald, the men who are working during the day include firefighters Richard Truman, Alan Rhoden, Lee Sands, Tyler Hall, Thomas Wilson, Davis, Parker, Capt. Chris Stanfield and himself.
“This has been something in the works for a while now and all of the credit goes to (Chief) Darrell (Ballance) for making it happen,” Davis said. “Hopefully, we’ll get to a being a full-time department in the near future but for now, this is a start in the right direction.”
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