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Long residents urged to use 911 addresses
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The Long County E-911 Committee recently had its March meeting with representatives of McIntosh County and GeoComm.
The representatives stressed that residents need to complete their address conversion.
“People need to complete the changing over of their addresses to the new E-911 addresses so that they do not experience any problems with some of their services,” committee member Michelle Poppell said.
She said areas where residents have encountered address problems are through mail and package deliveries and garbage pick-up.
“Some people have changed their addresses online to some of their vendors and other people who send them mail, but they need to send in an actual change-of-address, in the mail, to the businesses to make sure that the change takes place,” Poppell said.
Another issue was the importance of residents to correctly mark their mail boxes with the new address, and with reflective letters and numbers that are at least three inches tall on each side of the boxes.
Markers for the mailboxes, which meet these standards, can be obtained from the Ludowici/Long County Fire Department’s Ladies Auxiliary, call 654-4504 or 654-3512.
According to Karl Larsen of GeoComm, the Wiregrass Communication Center, which will be in Darien, is set to be completed by November.
According to Luther Smart, a member of the McIntosh County E-911 Committee, construction is “moving right along.” Long and McIntosh counties are partnering to bring 911 service.
According to Smart, the foundation and utility lines are down and wall construction has started. He said electrical work still presented a few questions but should be dealt with before the April meeting.
Smart also said a new radio tower in McIntosh County is being constructed for the project.
The next meeting was scheduled at the Long County Courthouse on April 22 at 3 p.m.
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