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Long to get new E-911 addresses
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Monthly meeting: Long County E911 Committee discusses agenda items Oct. 25. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Long County E-911 Committee met with the GeoComm staff Oct. 25 during its monthly meeting.
GeoComm GIS specialist Karl Larson reported the initial address notifications would be sent out Nov. 9 to Long County residents.
Larson also confirmed, with the committee that if anyone in the county had a question about their new address or a road name, they should contact County Clerk Mary Ann Odum at 545-2143 for more information.
“If a resident doesn’t receive a notification in the mail by the end of November, they will need to contact us (GeoComm, at 1-888-436-2666),” Larson said, noting, “When they call, they will need to ask for someone taking Long County calls.”
Larson also reported that even though these notifications are being sent out, people would not start using the new address until the post office informs them to do so. He also said once the new addresses are in effect, residents will still be able to receive mail at their old address for up to one year.
Furthermore, he said if a resident currently had a post office box, it was not necessary for them to change their mailing address.
GeoComm Communication consultant Ron Bloom reported the final plans for the E-911 Center in Darien were near completion and the architect had met with McIntosh County E-911 Committee for a final review.  
“If the plans are approved, they will be signed off on sometime towards the middle of November,” Bloom said.
Long County Commissioner Mike McGowan asked GeoComm for an updated timeline and spreadsheet for the project, and also details about what areas of responsibility were designated for Long and McIntosh counties and GeoComm.
GeoComm Account Manager Deb Blanchard said GeoComm was working on one currently, and the information should be available at the next committee meeting Nov. 29.
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