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Long's 911 rebuilding after spring storm
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According to Long County Commissioner Mike McGowan, an architect and the final plans for the new communication center in Darien were nearly finalized at a Long County E-911 meeting last month
McGowan said the new center will be built on the existing site, but the new building will have more capabilities than the old facility.
The previous building, which was an existing structure, was being remodeled to serve as a communication center, when it was destroyed in May storm.
The new center, which will be able to withstand winds of up to 200 mph, will be built from the ground up. It will serve as an emergency operations center with a training area.
McGowan said that from the county’s standpoint, there is little to do except wait for the building to be completed.
In addressing, database development and GIS development, Long County has a 98 percent success rating with Windstream Communications and CenturyTel, while McIntosh County is at 96 percent. According to information provided by Ron Bloom of GoeComm, the minimum acceptable success rate is 98 percent.
The Long County Micro-Systems Automation Group is now complete and has been approved, while the county’s overlapping exchange boundaries have been reviewed with no problems noted.
All E-911 addresses in the Glennville area of Long County have been released and provided to the public, but the county does still need to activate them.
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