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Ludowici Police Blotter

Recent reports filed with the Ludowici Police Department include:

April 30
Found contraband — A walk-in complainant reported there were pink pills in a plastic bag near a fuel pump at the Flash Foods on South Main Street around 4 p.m. When an officer investigated, he found a clear zip-close bag that had blown under a vehicle getting gas. Many of the pills had been smashed after being run over, but the couple that remained were suspected of being Ecstasy. It is believed the gas pump was being used as a drop-off point for someone to pick up the pills later. The drugs were seized.

May 4
Damage to property — An officer responded to a damage report at Friendship Park next to the city’s veteran memorial on West Cypress Street. He discovered that someone had broken down the rear gate of the park’s fence. It appeared that a vehicle may have rammed it. The investigation continues.

May 9
Suspicious activity — Just after noon, an officer responded to the Flash Foods on Main Street in reference to suspicious activity. When he arrived, the maintenance manager said a pump had not been working for about a week. When he opened the door to the credit card reader, he noticed a cable that was not supposed to be there. The cable ran to a little black box that may have been stealing credit and debit card information. The device has been seized.

If you bought gas at Flash Foods on Main Street in the past couple weeks at pump 5, police advise you to check your credit/debit card history for unauthorized charges. If you believe you have been a victim of credit card theft because of this incident, call the Ludowici Police Department at 912-545-2222.

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