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Ludowici Police chief retiring
Frank McClelland served 31 years
Chief Frank McCLelland
Chief Frank McClelland - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
Ludowici Police Chief Frank McClelland Sr. retired Dec. 28 after serving in law enforcement for more than 31 years.
So what’s he going to do now?
“My biggest plans right now are to do as much fishing as I can,” McClelland said.
His career in law enforcement started in 1956 when he served as a deputy for the Long County Sheriff’s Department.
“Back when I first got started, there was a lot less paperwork. There wasn’t as much preparing for the trial,” McClelland said.
“Now the officers have to do a whole lot more (paperwork). They also have to do more to prepare the case for the trial, a lot more investigating,” he said.
During McClelland’s 31-plus years of service, besides working for the LCSD and the LPD, he also worked as an agent for the Department of Revenue.
His role as police chief for the city of Ludowici began in 2000. One of the first people he hired was Assistant Chief Richard Robertson, who had nothing bt praise for the retiring officer.
“I consider the chief a mentor and a father figure to me. He has provided opportunities for me and helped me in every way that I have asked to become a better officer,” Robertson said. “The chief has so much experience and has a great connection to the community. I think he’s done an outstanding job.”
One of the biggest advances which McClelland takes pride in is in the LPD becoming more self-sufficient.
According to Robertson, his department has undergone other changes since his first day on the job.
“When I first became the chief, we were so much more dependent on other agencies to help us because we didn’t have much to work with. We were able to get a grant, and expand our office and technology,” he said. “We still work with other agencies, but we are now more independent, and are much more efficient.”
When asked what the worse area of crime was for today’s police officers, the chief said, “Drugs. Just about every crime committed is connected to drugs in some way. Whether It’s robbery, rape or murder, usually drugs are involved it some way.”
When asked why he was retiring, McClelland said, “I’ve been working just about my whole life. It’s time for me to settle down. Besides, it’s time for me to step aside and let some younger people take over. Like I said, it’s time for me to do a lot more fishing.”
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